Monday, February 18, 2013

Poor Sarah (('_')) or :~D)

Wee package? 7 kilos? :D hahaha. I havent gotten it yet. :(
Oh boy, news report. Im great, we walk a lot, and we are in the new apartment. We had another companionship for about a week, and we have a running joke that they stole our city (or area, Itapipoca) our room, (they moved in the best one while we were still adjusting) our lunch, (they went and we opted to not go, cause it is far and we didnt confirm that it was there) our package, (Elder Patino got one, they didnt really steal it) etc, etc, etc.
Well, the work is going forward! Saturday, we walked from Parque Soledade to Planalto to Itambé and back to Parque Soledade. Or was it Planalto? Either way, theyre all bairros in Caucaia, and with all that walking, nobody was home! Nobody wanted to talk to us! :( But it paid off the next day, or yesterday. We had so many people at church! 4 or 5 investigators, a returned moça (young woman) that fell away, and the rest were members! It was the largest Id seen of just Caucaia. The youth that went to EFY the past week went up and shared their testimonies, which was really powerful, and after that a member named Néfi (Nephi) gave a talk. He lost his first baby 7 days ago, and he was only a month or two old. Néfi talked about the Plan of Happiness and how he found strength in the Lord through the scriptures to carry on despite his tragedy. The room was just burning with emotion and testimony and the Spirit of the Lord. Like the Hymn, The Spirit of God like a Fire is Burning.
Bruna, 19 years old, got baptized that afternoon. She did a 180 degree turn in her life. When we met her on the street, she had a nose ring and black clothes, not completely the goth look, but headed in that direction. We made an appointment, a visit, and after 4 or 5 weeks, an empty font with no water to fill it, she made her first covenant with our Lord. She will be confirmed this next week. :) Her aunt, Aurilene, is still looking for something to confirm that this is the church, and her uncle Elson (she lives with them, not her parents) is still behind his wall of Evangelical training. He's curious though, but doesnt want to show it.

Would you guys be willing to include Néfi and his family, Aurilene and Elson in your prayers?

Sarah, quite a few missionaries want to write to you! I wanted to confirm with you if its okay that they write to you. Yea or nay? :)
How are you doing with your cisos? (SEE-zoos, wisdom teeth) Do they hurt a lot? Im glad youre not super swollen! Remeber when I got mine out, and we took passport photos? D: hahaha.

Ah, time is up. I hope you all are doing really well, I look forward to next time! Dad, I miss your weekly letter. I dont voice it, but they mean so much to me. And do you have any suggestions on improving the gift of discernment? I realize that I need it a lot here, more than I thought I would. I really appreciate all that you guys do for me, I hope that the Lord looks after and blesses you. He is always there for us. :)

~Élder Wille

Monday, February 11, 2013


Boa tarde família!!!
Well well, we finally moved into our new apartment with another pair of missionaries! My old Zone Leader, Elder Orchard, and a missionary whos been in my zone for a bit, Elder Patino. (pah-CHEEN-oh)
Sarah, I hope very much that your wisdom teeth go well. Despite my 5 sites, it didnt live up to all the horror that people always say. If it does, just keep in mind that it will be over in a couple of days! :)
Dang it. 6 o clock. I have to go. Dad, the temple pic I had in mind had letters photoshopped in. Could you do that and send it? Thanks!
Im so sorry, I will write next week!

Elder Wille

Ps journey 2 has Scorpion king in it.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of mail, I have a few missionties letters all written out, but we had some serious money issues. Im fine, things are great, our monthly fund fell (into our accounts. :) ) so we have money once again.
So, Im on my fourth transfer, out of 16. or is it 18? I dont know, but Im on my fourth! And I officially have 6 months on the mission! Hooray!!!
Monalisa (Sister Costa, we almost never use last names here) and Luiz talked in church today, that was a pretty amazing story. Dad, I think you can use it in your lesson. It goes like this.
Luiz was having some major difficulties finding work, they waited for a phone call or something for almost a year. They were praying and fasting that something would happen-- paying tithing, the works, but nothing was happening. Their food was running really short, when suddenly Monalisa felt an impression to invite the missionaries (us) for lunch on P-day, despite the shortage. Nobody is assigned that day to give us lunch, so it was nice to not have to look for something to eat. While we were there, the phone rang. That was the call theyd been waiting for during an entire year, that Luiz could work and support his family. Just by having the missionaries there blesses the family, and following the promptings of the Spirit, no matter what circumstance, will always work out.
I left my cerebro (brain, or planner) at the house, so I dont have my notes of things to say. :( Mom, I found a really cool website that has lots of channels. It might be in Portuguese, but theres lots of symbols and logos. its <> tv go L online dot biz, the L is a little hard to see.
Im so jealous, I want to eat Red Lobster again. :( Seafood is expensive here, cause they ship most of it to other places, and rack up the prices here.
Dad, youre watching football? Wow, things change fast on the mission. ;) That racquetball competition sounds awesome, let me know how it goes? :)
If Russel and Steve did Blue John and you are doing the same stretch, I feel a lot better. Maybe Clark and Steve know a different section that most people skip over.
A few questions for you guys. Did you get the envelope that has letters from me and Elder R Barbosa? Is Alisha still alive despite me not getting my package? :) I hope she is, I would be very sad if she didnt survive. Thats awful that postage went up $20. D:
Im sending a letter snail mail and that aforementioned missionties letter. Im sending the family letter missionties, and one for Sarah via a snail. I thought it would mean a bit more. I dont want you to be disappointed that theres no letter for you in the snail, its in the missionties.
Oh yes, about the Transfer. Im still in Caucaia, still with Elder R Barbosa, and we finally started moving to our new apartment. He ordered new beds, a stove and a liquidificador. (blender. Ours 'pegou fogo', or quite literally exploded. Real fire was shooting out the vent in the back...)
Well, I dont really have much more to say. We got kicked out of Itapipoca, or rather, Itapipoca got kicked out of us. Its now an area itself now, with its own missionaries, so we have Caucaia, Paracuru, and Pecém. I dont know what will happen to the cities around Itapipoca, we dont have a base to work with those areas yet.
Mom, quick note. Im healthy, strong, and doing excellently. Ive forgotten to help assuade your worries, so just letting you know, theres nothing to worry about. I still have all 9 fingers, and 14 toes. (7 on each foot, like the dwarves in LOTR)
Im so glad that everything is going well, that everyone is going to church. I dont want to be annoying or preachy, but I honestly worry about church attendance. I know its hard for some people, but its definitely worth it with the right attitude. The Lord can and will heal any wounds, and allow everyone to enjoy His Spirit in His house.
I have to go now, I love you all! Letters are on the way! Bye!

~Elder Wille