Monday, December 30, 2013

Benfica 30-12-2013 (last email of 2013!)

Hello Family!!!

My birthday box hasnt come yet. Maybe this week or something. We opened some presents on Monday during P-Day, and some more Christmas Eve, and then the rest on Christmas Day, at 6 in the morning. :) Sarah, I love that pen that you sent me! It is super awesome! My other DW pen is dying, and I keep losing my normal ones! :/ Loved it!
Mom and Dad, what is Hap-pay? Duck Dynasty sounds pretty great. And the hickory almonds that I ate today, I think I died from tastyness!
Alisha and Todd, how did you know that I needed a cookbook here?! Im going to have a lot of fun with that, thank you so much!

Im preparing a training session for this weeks District meeting (yep, sou District Leader) and its on the Doctrine of Christ/our Purpose. Its been kind of difficult to see exactly what I should teach, but Ive been inspired to teach the missionaries to guide their teachings so that the focus is the Temple and not just baptism. The baptismal interview questions should be the guideline, but the goal is the Temple.
Another interesting thing is that I learned that its not being immersed in the water that makes it so we can enter Heavenly Fathers Kingdom, but its what its a symbol for, the covenant.
I now know a bit more why Temple covenants are so important, and why the blessings are so great. And thats also the reason Ive decided against pirated movies. Something small that I can easily do to be more like Christ right now. President Souza did a common interview during the transfer meeting, just read the questions out loud for everyone to think about. After the 'Be honest in all dealings with fellow men' he said that includes pirated movies. It struck me a bit, so I decided no more.

So, we are teaching a family, [name redacted] (21 years old) and [name redacted]. (18 years old) [name redacted] is from Minas Gerais, a different state, and he came here for work. Somehow he met [name redacted], I think the internet.

They are great people, they absolutely love us. When they heard that we could only stay 45 minutes in a visit, they asked if we could pass more than one time per day. :) They finally accepted that we can pass by once every day. [name redacted] always asks when they can give us lunch, and last time we visited, they made us brigadeiro! :) We just have to get them married. We're shooting for the 18th of January, but I dont think its going to happen that fast, with the 4 week wait at the cartório.

Mom, I didnt quite understand what you meant about the letter that came on Saturday. Could you give it to her?

Ah man, my time is up. Love you guys! Have an excellent time, and with Alex (or Elder Richey) a happy birthday for me when he gets back!

~Elder Wille

P.S. O nome de meu companheiro é Elder 10E. :O hahaha. Elder Tenney.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Benfica 17-12-2013

Hi family!

Well well well, I got transferred again today. 3rd transfer in a row! And even more news, Im training again! I dont know who will be my new companion yet, he gets here tomorrow. And Im opening an area to boot! Sounds like just about all my other areas! :D hahaha.
I thought about it, and there is only one area that I didnt open. Oh yes, explanation: opening an area is when the missionaries in an area are transferred out, and new ones are put in. It really hurts the progress, because the new ones have to rely on the papers that the last companionship left behind (Area Book) but sometimes it is necessary.
Some exciting news. We hit a new record of arriving missionaries. Tomorrow there will be FOURTY TWO new missionaries arriving, and only six or seven leaving. The mission now has around 180 missionaries, and when we divided the missions, we had less than 100. Its so weird! First we had one companionship working in two wards at one time, now we have two companionships for almost every ward! We created two new zones.  (Planalto and Sumaré) Its growing like crazy! So, Elder Burnham was training 3 missionaries at once, and then he died (at his sons' hands) and all three of them are training! Just after being trained! Elder Bramwell is also training, and Elder Wadsworth is a Zone Leader.
Tomorrow I will have a grand total of three sons and two grandsons. Ive got a pretty big family coming up! :) (when you train, you have a 'son' and the tree goes from there) I think that there may even be enough time to have a 4th if the Lord sees fit. O.o If I remember right, Elder Nascimento had 3 or so sons.

Mom, I'sa getting the address from Márcio Barbosa right now. :) Ele não é Élder mais. D: He will send his address to you via email. :D I thought it would be faster that way. And as for the present, I had a $20 bill floating around from international travel, so only 20 made it to him, not 25. He preferred dollars to reais, cause the dollar has more power there.
Thanks for the recipe, it didnt make it into the box. Or the postage people took it out. :( I started making root beer today, for my temporary comanion, Elder Saturnino de São Paulo. We will see how it goes!

Dad, Im so glad that you were able to use the Ancestry Ski pass! I said a special prayer that your leg would let you go. Sounds like you had a good time! :) The Christmas tree looks awesome! The spacy look really adds to it, great job! Is that silver wrapped present on the left for me?? :D
We had a bit of ice cream to go in the sandwiches too. Its on the edge of the photo. :)
Lately Ive been thinking of the things we did together, like fishing at Scofield and early morning at Powell. We have to remember to do more of that when I get back. :)

Sarah, did you get my letter yet??? How was your birthday?? What fun things did you get to do? Did Hayden take  you out somewhere cool? Is the snow just awful now? It doesnt even occur to me sometimes that its cold and snowy there! Im so used to heat and sun that to think that right now theres snow at home is weird! What are your plans for school and work and life in general? Quite a few people want to know, so I thought Id ask! :) But even more so, I just want to hear from you, and how you're doing!

Alisha and Todd, I will write you a letter, cause Im a bit short on time here, sorry!

Im attaching a photo taken at the Christmas Conference. This is the entire mission. :D Im way at the back, almost in the center.
I want to say so much more, but Ive run out of time! So much is happening, but its all good. We didnt baptize in Guadalajara, but I saw more miracles happen there than in all my other areas combined, and that made up for no baptisms. Elder Bramwell is just powerful.
Well, I gotta go now. D': Skype at 7 for you guys, I might be just a hair late, installing skype and stuff, but I will do my very best. I love you all so much, and hope you have a wonderful Christmas Holiday! Tchau todo mundo! Amo vocês!

~Elder Wille

Monday, December 9, 2013

Guadalajara B, 9-12-2013

Hello Family and Friends!

I finally got some pictures off, hope you all enjoy them! The pizza was half Portuguesa and half chicken and catupiry. I have absolutely no idea what you call it in english. Im actually not a huge fan of pannetone itself, so it was actually a chocotone, with condensed milk in it to add variety. It was tasty.
Then a few days after, when my package came (it just barely missed thanksgiving) Elder Bramwell and I went suicidal. We made ice cream sandwiches from cake with nutella. @_@ I took the first bite and already felt my arteries clogging. :D it was fabulous! and super healthy. :P hahaha

So this Sunday was kind of a bummer. We were expecting 8 people or so at church, and when we went to get them, all we found were closed doors. :( Not a single one showed up, not even Andrêza, our super eleita. Her husband got home from a dangerous night motocross event at6 in the morning. they were both too tired to go the next day.

Sarah, I got a letter written to you! Im sending it off today. :) And I want to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week!!! :D I cannot believe that you are 19 already! You are now old enough to serve a mission! :D hahaha. But seriously, I cant believe how much youve grown up! 

Dad, that sounds like a pain in the.... leg! :) a really nasty one too. I really miss snowboarding too, but I think youll be better than me when I get back. Im so out of practice. :S when we went with the ancestry ski pass, you had your horrible stiff board, yes? It must be super nice now, especially at brighton, but thats a HUGE bummer that you probably have to miss out on it this time. D:
 So far, I dont know if I get to use skype. Presidente Souza provavelmente vai nos dizer na conferência de natal. Oh sorry, at the Christmas conference he will probably say if we can. ;)
Its cold over there? sometimes I have to remind myself that cold still exists. :D its the hotter part of the year right now, at least I think. Fortaleza has basically four seasons: rain/pressure cooker, hot, hotter, and Nebuchadnezzers Oven. (haha, bible joke ;P) Usually at the end of the day, I have sweat dripping down my back and face. Does that remind you of somewhere? :)
A bit about school. I took english 1010 and portuguese at UVU, I think that was it. Im just hoping that I dont have to redo them at Snow.

Mom, my package came! :) but the post office nabbed elder Wadsworths package. D: that really bummed him out, and he got the notice after the window closed for picking it up.
Yep, we got suco de maracujá (passion fruit juice) it actually makes you sleepy, didyou know that?
I will try my best to get the money to Elder R Barbosa, theres not a good bank here close, just the 24 hour ones that steal about %10. But I will try my best. I can definitely get his address for the card, I hope thats not too much trouble to bounce that back.
Unfortunately, I still havent sent the package. well actually, I havent even put it together yet. D: we are always running around doing stuff. It will probably be very late, sorry! :(
Mom, I assume that the things are for making jam, but how do I got about making it? and what the heck is ultra gel? :D

well, my time is ending. alex richey gets back in about a month! that is so crazy! I will be back really soon too. Okay, gotta go, bye everyone! Until next time!

~Elder wille

Monday, December 2, 2013

Guadalajara B 2-12-2013

Hi family! Boy this week was busy! Are we really into December? I cannot believe how fast it is all going!

We had a zone conference this week, and I got a tie!
For those who dont know yet, President Souza gives a tie to every missionary who baptizes a couple, just to give incentive to baptize families. Elder Villalba got 3 (!!!) ties this time, and President Souza called him up with each one, one right after the other. It was incredible.
And I got some very trunky news. After the conference, I wanted to show a picture to President Souza, and he asked me if I already knew what day I was going home. When I said no, he looked at something on his smartphone and said I will be home on July 16th, leaving on the 15th. o.O I believe he said that he already told you guys, but its so weird knowing what day Im going home! And just after many of the aniversários, of birthday and wedding.
Elder R Barbosa is leaving I think next week on Thursday or something. Its so weird, and sad for me. On the mission, he had a huge influence on me. A lot of what I learned was from him, so hes a super good friend. I really hope I see him again after the mission.

So, Thanksgiving we ate pannetone and passionfruit juice and pizza! i took some photos for you guys to see. Im copying pictures to my new flash drive, so It will have to wait, sorry! We wanted to go all out and get ice cream and soda, but everywhere was closed at 21h20 (9:20pm) so we just went home and ate the prebought food. It was still really good. :) My package has not arrived yet. How many are coming? 4? :O

Dad, thank you so much for keeping up on my college stuff! It really means a lot to me.
A job would be really nice, so I think I will go with that option. Its good to stay busy after the mission. And I would very much like to be in the same apartment complex. :) Snow Lodge was awesome.
Talking to the counselor sounds like an excellent option. I think I have to change my major from generals back to engineering, and see if my UVU credits will pass to Snow. I hope they do, cause english 1010 is pretty standard.
Congrats on your shelves Dad! They look really awesome

Mom, I got some cooking lessons yesterday. I learned how to make Frango ao Molho (Souped chicken?) and rice with carrot shreds. :) Its super tasty, and even easier to make! I have to note all the cool foods that Im learning.
We do get an ocean breeze, but since we only have openings on one side of the house, the wind cant pass through the house. Its stifling. So, our hammocks here are a bit different from dads. theyre like a piece of fabric, no spaces. I think its a bit hotter, but I still like it.

Oh bother, my time is up. :( Love you all, hope you had a great thanksgiving! Alisha, get better soon, okay:? Love you Sarah! Hugs and beijos para todo mundo!

~Elder Wille

Note for the Maurer family: So sorry for the delay to write! But I learned how to make coxinhas this past week, and I can make them at home! :D

Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from Guadalajara 25-11-2013

Hello beloved family!

Okay, Im going to start with a story in Portuguese. Its something that happened yesterday. I copied and pasted from my letter to president souza.
Nós encontramos uma família que está super preparado para receber o evangelho. Estávamos andando, e senti a impressão de fazer um contato com uma mulher sentada na porta com a cabeça do filho dela (eu achava) e depois de um instante de hesitar, eu fiz o contato. Antes de qualquer coisa, ela nós convidou entrar e sentar. O filho em verdade era o esposo de união civil, com planos de casar o ano que vem. Conversamos, introduzimos o Livro de Mormon, e ela aceitou. Ela frequentava 15 anos na Igreja Universal, 2 anos como Testemunha de Jeová, e 3 de Católica. No fim, ela disse que ela tinha orado na Sexta-feira para que alguém da religião certo passasse e falasse trazendo paz. Foi domingo que passamos, marcamos a próxima visita amanhã.

And so! I almost have one year and 4 months, thats just crazy!!! 8 months left? where has all the time gone?
Today I got the chance to visit my first area! We needed to go to the bank, and we got permission from president souza to go there (the easiest one to find, and pretty close) and while waiting for the train to come back, I passed by França's house to say hi. He was super happy to see us, and he shared a very nice comment. He says that Ive matured a lot, that Im perceiving much more, becoming more responsible, and that my family will note a very big change in me. I thought that was super nice of him. :)

Dad, thank you so much for sending the music! It got here just fine, im going to buy a flash drive to put pictures and music and stuff. Its a cruzer blade, I think they only have them here. Its got a cool look, maybe you can see on the internet. R$25 for 8gig, how can i resist that price?? (and its not pirated either. :D)
About my packages being taped up, I think some of them have been. When I opened them, there did seem to be an excess of tape on all the openings. Maybe buy some Nossa Senhora stickers and put them on? Unless the post office people are evangelical, then theyll open it either way. :S
Im so glad to hear that the important project went faster than usual after the Honor wall.

Mom, we still dont have any fans, and last night it was so bloody hot! I couldnt get to sleep for forever. I debated splashing myself with water to help cool down, but decided against it. During the day it was pretty oven-ly too.
The hammock is a rather interesting sleeping experience. You cant sleep in it straight, it has to be an angle. For example, if the hammock is this direction | from above, you cant sleep parallel to it. You have to sleep like this |\| or |/|. or like this. Does that make sense? Its kind of hard to describe. Basically, you have to sleep at an angle on it, or youll hurt your back really bad.

Mom or Dad, could you do a big favor for me? Could you look at Snow's web page and find out when we have to register for Fall 2014? I just want a big huge heads up so I dont forget until too late.

I thought about a strange thing. Elder Alex Richey gets home in about 2 months! I cant believe how fast it has passed! Next up itll be my turn!
I have an idea for next Thanksgiving. I want to get a recipe from someone here and make something special for everyone. I know that everyone will like it. :D but I cant tell you guys, not yet.

Well, this is a pretty good letter, sorry about not writing more. I had something interesting happen at stake conference. I dont know how much I can say about it. But Im doing well, everything is just happy and hot down here! :) Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I love and miss you all! Until next time!

~Elder Wille

Here's the translation of the portuguese part, courtesy of google:

We found a family that is super prepared to receive the gospel. We were walking, and I felt the impression of making a contact with a woman sitting with her ​​head in the door of her son (I think) and after a moment's hesitation, I made contact. Before anything, she invited us in and sit down. The son indeed was the husband of civil union, with plans to marry next year. We talk, we introduce the Book of Mormon, and she accepted. She attended 15 years in the Universal Church, 2 years as a Jehovah's Witness, and 3 Catholic. In the end, she said she had prayed on Friday for someone to pass the right religion and bringing peace talk. Sunday was spent, we mark the next visit tomorrow.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Guadalajara 18-11-2013

Hi there Family and Friends!

Nothing too big to say this week. We finally got our furniture, so that was really nice. Still no fans, so we all still sleep in hammocks. Its a lot cooler than in a bed.
We dont have a propane tank (oh yeah, all their stoves are gas with a propane tank. Kinda like a barbeque, but different :P) so I cant make my delicious scones yet. The mission office will pay for one, but we have to do all the gathering and researching and stuff first. Its something like R$160 for a full tank.
Before the furniture (móveis) got here, all we had in our house for about 2 days was hammocks and bread. :) Seriously, it was great.
How was Enders Game? I actually did read that one in school. I loved the battle sequences, did they do a good job on those?

Dad, hows work going now that things are more relaxed? Whats the next big project? Any plans for home improvements? (maybe ask Tim Taylor for help: :D) Im going to put a birthday present for you in the Christmas package, Im sorry I didnt get it off sooner!

Mom, I didnt get a pooping snowman last year, I think maybe it was in the first Christmas package, the one that got lost.
And may I say that the spreadable fruit jam stuff was absolutely wonderful! Raspberry was the best one. Thank you so much for sending it! :)
What does the Bear Grylls poster say at the bottom? The bottom got cut off. :(

Alisha and Todd: What are you guys up to? Been snowboarding lately with the new snow? Theres a negative chance of snow here, Im really missing it. Actually, Im missing pretty much everything up there, but its only a bit more than 8 months away. And that is a very scary thought.
Whats new with school? Work? A question for Alisha, have any little childrens thrown up on you yet? :D Oh, I heard of something you would like. On the beaches, they sell pieces of roasted cheese on little churrasco sticks. I heard theyre pretty good.
Todd, I know you dont work with pizza anymore, but did they make chocolate pizzas at Papa Johns? With cheese? :D They do here! Or banana with cheese and cinnamon, Im not a huge fan of those ones.

Uncle Bobby and Aunt Celinda, how are you guys doing? Im doing very well here, halfway sun baked, but its good! Im loving the mission life, its so different, but it gives a good feeling.
Yo no hablo español mas, pero si yo pienso ... muito? consigo escrevir un poco. Yo olvidei quase tudo! É muito mais fácil para mim escrever em português. Ainda bem que Pedrinho serviu em Brasil, ele pode ajudar no tradução.
Eu sinto muito que vocês tiveram problemas de saúde! :( Mas fico muito feliz que vocês estão melhor. :) Mi hijo de la misión es de Argentina, ele mistura todo que él habla. Eu também. :)
And now for some english. I hope you have a fantastic holiday season. Im going to miss seeing you all at Thanksgiving and Christmas, it was always a joy to see  you both. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you two!

I gotta go, they cut the time off without warning. Bye bye until next time!

~Elder Wille

Monday, November 11, 2013

Guadalajara B, (Caucaia) 11-11-2013

Yep, thats the name of my new area! I was transferred again. :/ But Ive returned to Caucaia! Its a different area, but in the same city that I started.
I spent one transfer in Montese, thats it. Unfortunately, we didnt get to baptize anyone, but thats okay cause I still learned a lot, including maybe this next thing.
I think I received a revelation about my future wife. Its a bit of a story, so here it goes:
During my first area, there was a lady who would give us lunch. She and her husband were both return missionaries. She was really nice to us, but other attitudes and actions made me think that if this is what returned Sisters are like, then I think Id rather pass. It just so happens that a sister returned in the middle of this transfer, and she was very nice to other people. I decided that what Id seen was just a personality difference, and that Sisters are okay in the end.
With that said, I moved out of Montese after just one transfer, so I must have completed my purpose. Im pretty sure that there was more than one purpose there, but Im thinking that one of them was to change my mind. That leading to the bottom line revelation: I think my wife is going to be a returned sister.
It might not seem like a lot, but thats probably exactly who I need to reach my full potential in this life. I could be wrong, but that seems like whats going to happen.

My new companion is Elder Bramwell! Its kinda awesome, cause we were house buddies in Good Garden (GOO-dji GAHR-deng) and now we are companions! Hes from Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland called Solon. Its the Kirtland Stake in terms of Church boundries. Im his step-dad (second companion)
Speaking of mission family, Elder Savaryn is training! :D :D Im going to have a grandson! And to top it all off, hes going to Boatan, my second area!

Another story, that Im seeing my Patriarchal Blessing come to pass right in front of my eyes. One of my inherited gifts is starting to come into play.
We were teaching a lady who was troubled about her son not calling while he was away. I had the distinct impression to say that if she does what shes supposed to, that her son will call that day.
A few days ago, I heard what happened. He called 40 minutes after we left, and later came home for a few days.
Quite a few things like this are happening around me, with other people. While conversing with Elder Galves, who returned home today, I learned a bit more about just how powerful children of God are. It really is scary how much power has been given to us.

About a Christmas package and presents, could you put $15-20 on my card to spend on movies? :D and the rest just hold onto for me? Im actually being serious. I can get about 1 movie per dollar.
Ah, and would it be possible to rip an Amy Grant Christmas CD (Dad, your quote is scarily accurate, how did you know I was going to ask?) and email the music to me? I asked the Assistants, and they say its okay. Im trying to make my last holidays as good as they can get. :)

So, one of my memory cards died. The slide lock on the side broke off in the Lock position, and it wont save pictures on it anymore. Luckily I can get them off, just not put them on. I left a card up there with Dad that I had just wiped, could you send that one to me in the Christmas package? thanks!

Dad, congrats on the huge success of your project! That is a huge accomplishment! I did indeed show it to Targino, and he thought it was pretty cool! I thought it was awesome too, even in just the minute or two that I got to see.

President Souza shook my hand today and told me that you guys had sent him a letter. He kinda forgot to share it with Sister Souza though. :S She will probably ask him to share it with her, but just to make sure, here is her email address too.

Well família, tempo está curto. Eu amo vocês, espero voltar tendo deixado tudo de mim aqui. Nós somos da casa de Israel. Levar o evangelho e o sacerdócio às nações é o nosso dever. Obrigado pelo apoio, eu oro por vocês todos os dias. Que Deus sempre vele e cuide de vocês em todos os momentos.
Com muito amor,

~Elder Wille

P.S. Did I make up for last week? :D

Monday, November 4, 2013

Montese 4-11-2013

Hey Family!

Before I forget, here is President Souza's email address for you Dad:

Okay, news news news! This week was a bit better than normal. I had more of a Halloweent than the last year. We carved an abobora (it is in fact a pumpkin!)
I have a picture attached. Its actually more orange inside than out. We carved MBF in the back, but front to back so that it projected correctly on the wall. MBF is Missão Brasil Fortaleza. :) We took and left it at a dance later that week.
My itty bitty package came! :) And today we made the pumpkin scones. :) They werent super pumpkin-y, but they were very tasty. :) We had to use aluminum foil, cause this house doesnt have a baking pan. :O
On the picture, look at the chairs. We are actually sitting in them. ;D Cool huh?

Oh wow, I really dont have a lot of time, sorry!!! :( Im so happy that you guys had fun on Halloween without me. :)

Mom, Im using shoes again. :) This whole transfer too. :D The bishop had the ice cream and brownies. He wants to study up there in the states, just has to pass the TOEFL test. (remind you of someone?) He speaks pretty good.
So, the missionary talent show isnt until Christmas... :D We havent even started practicing yet.

Ah dang it, Ive run out of time. Have a fantastic week everyone! Enjoy the pictures, I have more but I dont have enough time right now. :( Bye for now!

~Elder Wille

Monday, October 28, 2013

Montese 28-10-2013

Hello family, friends, and other important people in my life!
Elder Phillips and I had this marvellous idea. Its P-day, and we have to do some shopping, so we thought Lets get an abobora or jerimum and carve a jack-o-lantern! :D As a bonus, we will toast the seeds and have a healthy snack to boot! :) Im thinking of getting one of those catholic shrine candles to stick in it, I hope it all works out! :)
I had a bit of an interesting experience. We knocked on a door and found a lady who is studying to be a Jehovas Witness, and we talked about prophets. She gave a few excuses that our work is good, but she believes differently. I bore my simple but sincere testimony about them and the Book of Mormon. It was interesting, because she began to falter in her excuses, not finding the sufficient words to defend against the attackless invite. I think that maybe someday she will remember those two peculiar boys who knocked on her door a half hour before going to study.
Trivia for you guys: Im going to enter the Missionary talent show by doing a medley of mixed hymns. For example, try singing the words of Joseph Smith's First Prayer (Que Manhã Maravilhosa) to the tune of Come Thou Fount. (not in the hymnbook) Its actually pretty neat, mixing hymns like that. There are a few more like that, some that fit, but dont combine very well, like Away in a Manger and How Firm a Foundation.

Dad, Im glad that you can see the end, and that it has an end. :) I would really like to share the website with Targino, he will probably really like it.
Im guessing canyoneering is pretty much over for the year, unless you decide to do a winter canyon like the Bretheren. I think I prefer summer trips, personally. Less clothing to worry about and lug around.
I think I like having Brazilian companions too, though Ive had very few of them. I have a bit of a hard time understanding missionaries that only speak Portuguese. The spanish speakers who are learning it too are easier to understand for me, so I think they are my favorite.
Eu achei graça da história do Secretário Executivo. :) Eles falam o senhor para os pais, em vez de você. Qual tu prefere? O senhor é bem formal, como usted.

Mom, we are finding a new house for the Sisters that are going to take over our area. I think its a good change, Sisters are a lot more friendly and natural at sharing stuff. I believe they will have good success here.
About the Chocolate... >:D We didnt find ten pounds, but we did buy one that beats out the Pound Plus from Trader Joe's (by weight, the flavor isnt as good) Its a 1,1 kilogram bar of Semi-sweet chocolate for R$10! ($5) Its double the size! :D But its also for making decorations and toppings, not specifically for eating. But it works!
Bem, quero falar um pouco de Português para todos vocês. Eu estou bem, eu comi brownies dois dias atrás, com sorvete de baunilha. Não tive o tempo de fazer cerveja de raiz ainda. :(

Alisha and Todd, how are you guys? When does school end? Vocês conseguem ler e entender o base de português como Pai? :) E bastante diferente, e divertido também. Eu acho que é mais fácil falar, é mais fluido.
Alisha, chegou a estar grávida? 'tou esperando! :P rarrarra. Como está teu trabalho? Você gosta dos meninos?
E Todd, teu trabalho está melhor? O que você mais gosta dele? Já foi perseguido por um cachorro? :)

Sarah, estou sem notícias de você e muito triste. :( Você está bem? Precisa de algo que possa fazer? Eu penso em você muito, e oro que você esteja bem. Vou te ver em 9 meses e poucos dias! Que incrível, o tempo está passando rápido demais!
Se Lembre de se divertir, e especialmente se lembre que eu te amo! Tchau minha irmãzinha! :)
Bem família e convidados, eu tenho que ir. Vou seguir o meu Líder de Zona que também era meu Líder de Distrito em Bom Jardim, e usar uma frase que ele usa: Tchau, beijos.
~Elder Wille

Monday, October 21, 2013

Montese 21-10-2013

Dear Family,
Your letters today made me more trunky than usual. :S Im pretty much forgetting when the holidays are, cause we cant do a whole lot about them. Ah well. :)
So, this week was a bit rough. We had to continue to look for a house, and we walked in a zig-zag to hit all the streets. I think we only found 2 new ones in 5 or 6 streets. :/ We make a few contacts, and most of them are people who live outside our area. The rest are not interested or too busy, so theres not a lot of success in this area of work. I have to admit, I was starting to get pretty discouraged, when the only contacts that have potential are ones you cant teach.
That was the start of our week, but happily the end was much better. It went like this:
I was doing a role-play/practice with Elder Phillips on the Sabbath Day, and he was giving the textbook answers, so I dug a little deeper. Paused the practice, asked him what it means to him, and he started to explain to me. That little inspired question led to a revelation. As he explained, I went back to the investigator role, and asked a question in that sense. Immediately the tone of the practice changed, the Spirit of the Lord entered the room, and I found what Preach My Gospel really does. Yes, it has the doctrines and stuff that we need to teach, but its not asking us to recite pieces of information that we learned from it.
Preach My Gospel works like this: It teaches us the principles so that we can recognize them in our lives, and then drawing on that, which is our own experience, we can share what the Gospel is to us. That is our testimony which is completely true, and to which the Spirit can bear testimony. Ive been reciting and applying the doctrine from Preach my Gospel my whole mission, and its given results. But using this method it will be many times more effective.
I learned that by accident, just trying to train my new son. I had an experience actually using it not too long after. We started teaching this elderly lady, talking about faith and repentence, because its something that Christians believe and would benefit her, despite her refusal to change from being Caltholic. Her adult daughter walked in after starting, and she participated in the discussion. (she too is catholic and has a teenage daughter who is a member) We taught what faith is to us, and what repentence has done in our lives. After that, Father had another idea, and we completed the Gospel by talking about baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end. We invited them to baptism, and the younger mom accepted. I dont remember her name. D:
That experience changed our whole week. Even though the rest of the day wasnt too successful, that one lesson changed everything. It rekindled my flame for the Work, and Im much happier now. :)
Mom, my feet are doing great! Im going to Aldeota for my last checkup today. Theres no swelling, so I think Im all good to go! :) The tunnel has ended.
Dad, thank you for telling me about Cassidy Arch! Sounds like everyone had a pretty good time this week.

Im really sorry that this letter is short on notes to you guys, but know that I love you all! Follow the counsels of the Prophets and Quorum of the Twelve, they are inspired and are what Father wants us to know in these last days. The Ensign is scripture too, it helps resolve our daily challenges. Until next time.
~Elder Wille

Monday, October 14, 2013

Montese 14-10-2013

Hello Family!

Okay, my companions name is Elder Phillips, he's from South Carolina but was born in South Dakota, lived in Alabama, California, and Utah. He has 7 (!!!) sisters and two brothers. He likes a lot of the same style of music that I like, and wrestled in middle school. He set a school record in the triple jump from track and field to boot.
His family is all members of the church, some are a little afastados (gee, Im forgetting some important stuff) but the mission is helping.
He served one transfer in Fort Collins Colorado, Provo MTC, and now hes here. The transfer there kinda killed the portuguese he had down, so hes starting from almost the basics.
He also looks exactly like Alex Richeys older brother.

Well, not a whole lot has happened, but we make some contacts to try and make our teaching pool bigger. The thing is, everyone we teach doesnt live in our area. :/ I found a dad and his daughter that were pretty interested, sitting in front of their house, and we taught them. The dad, Cícero, was pretty into it until the end, and had listened to the missionaries before. The daughter was really into it, accepted the baptismal invite, and then we found out that they live in Maracanaú. :S
We are trying to coordinate the work with the members, but the meeting that was supposed to take place didnt. So, we are kinda just toodling around the area, trying our best on our own. Other than that, its great here! They have planes flying overhead every 10 to 20 minutes, super low cause we are about a mile from the airport. Trunky!!! Nah, Ive gotten used to it.

Living with the Assistants, its not a huge difference. They are gone a lot of the time, so its chill. But we do have some problems, for instance:
The owners of the condo put a brand new, shiny lock on the door to the sidewalk. Thats great and all, except they only gave us one key... Hmm. :) More coordination.

Mom, dry ice does exist here, but its incredibly hard to find and I would imagine insanely expensive. I found some leftover root beer extract (and maple too) that Elder Patino or Elder Canoy left behind, along with taco seasoning, some marshmallows, and a few other things. They do have club soda, so maybe that would work. I will give that a try.

Dad, I would like to pay tithing on the inheritance too. Could you do that for me? Thanks!
President Souza did put up the Wakeboarding Elder for me on the office picture board. Lots of people get a kick out of it. :) And the one I carry with my in my album, almost everyone laughs. Some believe its real for a few seconds. :)
How are you surviving all that load? I bet racquetball was a huge relief, a time to "sharpen the saw." I hope and pray that you can get all the things done for the release! And another canyon trip would be a welcome finishing present.
A quick favor, would you be willing to start to include the author or scripture reference of those quotes at the end of your email? Theres some that Id like to share with people, but I dont know where some of them are. Thanks!

Well, I have to go, sorry about the lack of news. We looked for a house, again, and I found a place that sells doughnuts. :) R$0,35 each, 3 for R$1. Thats like 7 for a dollar over there. Good price, eh?? :D
Thank you all for your prayers, I really appreciate all of you for doing so. Continue praying for that missionary experience that Elder Ballard talked about! The Lord is hastening His work, and He uses us to do it! What a privelege! The church is true!

~Elder Wille

Monday, October 7, 2013

Montese 7-10-2013

What?? Its October already? Happy one year anniversary to me in the field! :) Last week anyway.

Im kinda freaking out, I ONLY have 10 months left. Where has the time gone? What have I been doing out here? 6 more planners? Thats hardly any! Im honestly a bit scared.

Ive been thinking about some things, and I realized its amazing the changes Ive been through. I can identify 2 instances of personal transformation. One was a little after Snow College, and the other is here on the Mission. It really is interesting how much you change on the mission. Its miniscule by the day, but it definitely makes a huge difference over my 1 year and 2 months.

Well, about Montese. We went to lunch the first day, Tuesday, and I had looked briefly at the calendar. 31, Targino, beleza. We went to find his house, and lo and behold, I forgot to get the number of the house. We went back, 5 minutes of walking, got the number, and went back. Lo and behold again, it wasnt their day to give lunch. September doesnt have 31 days... :S The sister called her husband Targino and asked who has it, and we went to the right house, way down in the corner of our area. We got there around 1. :S

Conference this weekend was one of the best Ive seen, ever. Please tell me you watched all of it? Especially the Second session of Saturday? I was on cloud nine at the end. Elder Hollands talk was out of this world! I know that talk is going to help countless people.

Dad, yesterday I was talking with Targino, our Elders Quorum President, and I correctly identified him as a software person. :) He does a lot of other stuff as well as writes programs, lots of administration if I remember right. I told him that youre a software engineer, and he asked what language you use. I said java and he groaned. 'I do not like java' he says, in his thick brazilian accent. He uses Ruby instead, and cant stand Windows. He got a notebook which came with Windows 8, used it for half an hour, went crazy, took it off and put Kubunto on it. "Much better" he says.

Mom, I have a kitchen story for you. A tiny one. Ive sliced two different fingers cutting up mangas (not sleeves) for juice. Shallowly cause they didnt bleed, but its at the annoying painful depth. Im definitely going to make that when I come home. First youll think "What are you DOING?" but its okay. Ive done it before. Once... :D

Sarah, how am I going to talk to you now? You's so far away! :( But have a good time living away from home! Visit often! I love you so much! <3

Oh no, Ive run out of time. :( sorry! Have a great time everyone, remember to brush your teeth, and give Elder Ballards talk a try. ;)

~Elder Wille

Monday, September 30, 2013

Training Again

Hi Hi Family! I got moved. :( I was really sad to leave Palmares, but it also means that I completed what there was to be done there. :) Im now in the (more or less) rich part of town! My area is called Montese (Mohn-TEZ-ee) and the house is VERY clean. :D I also happen to live in the same house as the assistants to the president. :O I cant fubecar anymore. (slack off)

So, like the title says, Im going to have another son! And itll be my first American companion since the MTC. Ive had just about all there is here on the mission. Brazilian, African, (Cabo Verdiano) Argentinian, Paraguayan, and finally, after a year (one year exactly to the day) I get another American. :) October 2 2012 is when I left Elder Meeks, and October 2 2013 is when I get my new son! :) Massa, né?
So he is only half my son, em verdade. I know all this stuff because he already passed the first 6 weeks of training in the US somewhere and was delayed because of the visa. So, I get to show him around and complete Lukes training. Er, I mean the Elders... :D

Okay, story time! We closed the month with less baptisms than we wanted and planned for, but we still beat out the zone leaders. In the end, we had 9 baptisms just in the month of September. And then I got transferred.
Another story. So we baptized [names redacted], and they are just strong and powerful. [name redacted] smoked right before the baptismal interview, but had repented sufficiently to be baptized. Then we saw and guessed that he smoked twice more in the week between then and the confirmation, so we called President Souza as to what we should do. He gave us the jurisdiction to interview him and see if he had repented. If he confessed, we could confirm him. If not, it has to wait. He not only confessed, but also told his wife that he had smoked and wrote in his agenda to talk with the Bispo about it. Now, hes just firm as a rock. That couple has really come far in the Gospel. They dont just follow it, they actually live it. [name redacted] was in tears when we passed to say goodbye after the transfer call. She gave a powerful testimony that none of our work would ever be forgotten, that they would be strong and help lots of other families become strong too. She often said that there is nothing she can do to repay the changes we made in her family. Personally, I think theyre already doing it. Thats all I want in thanks, just pay it forward, share it with others, because I know how important and cherished this Gospel is. As Paul puts it, Its the power unto salvation of man. Romans 1:12, I think.

A weird thing has happened. I have developed this 'thirst' for reading the scriptures, especially the New Testament. Im also reading Jesus the Christ, which is absolutely fantastic! Ive never before had this 'thirst,' but its a welcome change more or less. Sometimes I just want to read instead of preach, but I cant do that. Theres people out there waiting for me.

Oh, I almost forgot. I continue being district leader in addition to training. :) Here we go!

Alas, I have forgotten my memory card. I think even Neville would be surprised. :P

Dad, your trip sounded like so much fun! Im so glad that you were able to sneak one in! I think thats one more trip that we have to add to the list of when I get back. :) You guys got very muddy, must have been a most excellent adventure.

Mom, you can really stop worrying about me now, cause Im living with the assistants. :) They're right up there with the President, the highest position of leadership possible for a full time missionary. I will be looked after very carefully. :) As for the package, could you send some AA bateries? The ones here are almost all garbage. I think 8 would last a good while for me. I still have AAAs, so Im all good there. Um... A raspberry scone mix? :D Those ones were the best ever! Thank you so much!

Sarah, how is life treating you? I havent heard much news from you, are you doing okay? :) Hows Hayden? Do you have any fun plans to go and do something crazy fun? Just remember how much I love and miss you! :)

Alisha and Toddy, hows the grown up life for you guys? How are you liking your new jobs? Elder Galli, from Argentina, would get along great with you guys, cause he likes to fart next to people. :D Hope you get a kick out of that. :) Im in my fourth area! Its crazy town here, they almost dont have places to use the internet! And they have planes landing a few miles away, they fly overhead every 15 minutes or so. (trunkeza!!!) But its all cool here.
Last question. When am I going to become an uncle? ;P

Well, this letter is getting pretty long, and my time is short. Bye for now, I will give you all the big details next week when I actually know some. :D Love and miss you all! Have a very interesting week!

~Elder Wille

Monday, September 23, 2013

Palmares 23-9-2013

Hi Family!
Well, I have a lot of time this time!
This morning, I made biscuits and gravy from memory! It was pretty dang close to the ones I usually make. They dont have the sausage like at home, so I improvised with ground beef and a seasoning that tastes exactly like sausage. Its rosemary and parsley, and I dont know how that works, but it did! :) We just got done playing volleyball, and that was fun. I got my serves down pretty good. :) We have kinda let go watching movies for now, maybe the next transfer.
I have a little story to tell you guys. Elder Tamanho gets some migraines every once in a while that last for 3 days. He got one recently, and a few days after, he told this story as his message to the members who gave us lunch.
He woke up with a migraine (called a chequeca here. sheh-KAY-kuh) and couldnt study because of it. We had quite a bit of work that day, and he had informed me of his condition. In the companionship prayer before leaving, I prayed that it would stop so that we could work normally. I tried to put it out of my mind, still being conscious that his head was hurting, and we went to work. Turns out that his head stopped hurting that very same day. His message at lunch was on faith, or prayer, one of those. But it is very important that they come together. I had asked Father to help because it seemed like the thing to do. And it worked. I had no idea what happened until he told the story. Im so happy to have a Heavenly Father that looks out for us and wants us to have success, all of us! Not just missionaries. :)
Sarah, your dreads are pretty sweet!!! I thought at first that your hair actually was that long, you got me fooled! :) You are so pretty, they do look really good on you! And Elder Tamanho thinks they look awesome. :) changing the topic, hows work going for you? Do you go with Dad like I did, or do you take your own car?
Ive had a lot of people ask this, so Im forwarding their question: What college are you going to go to?
Im more than halfway through my mission, its going by so fast! In the pictures, you have grown up so much! Its hard to believe that my little sister is catching up to me! You gotta stop until I get back, okay? :D

Dad, that project sounds like the bomb! I hope that all goes smoothly for the release date!
32 pullups? Holy cow that is a lot! We had a pullup bar last transfer, but the missionary leaving took it with him. My max here is about 8... :S hahaha.
It took me a half a second to understand how I could go to Egypt with you. Ah, the trunky-ness. Its a little worse this week, cause everyone is having problems lately. The work is going pretty slow, we arent going to make the 20 baptism mark this month. :( 3 fell through this Sunday because they didnt go to church. We are now trying to find new people to teach, with the transfers next week.
Ah, a quick question. Have you had the time to pay my tithing on those last paychecks and increases that I got? Its something that I got a firmer understanding and desire of here in Fortaleza.
Im still learning to play the piano. I can play top hand pretty well on the easier hymns, despite the very few hours I get to practice. I wonder if I will be able to knock your socks off when I come back. :)

Mom, is there some way to get raspberry freezer jam over here without melting? D: I was telling the guys about strawberry jam today, and Elder Bramwell made fresh italian bread today. It would have been a perfect combo...
You want the recipe for the cinnamon rolls with mashed potatos? I will have to ask him for it, I dont remember. :( Its just a wierd kook where they put just about everything in, Elder Whatcott says they do that a lot in the south.
Mom, thanks for teaching me handy skills of how to cook, its really coming in handy. :) I made a title for myself: King of the Breakfast Quick Breads. But really,

Im starting to look around for some stuff to send out to you guys. Mom, Alisha and Sarah, the jewelry here is about the same as there. Nothing really stands out as particularly Brazilian, except for the few things that have the flag or soccer teams on them.
And thats it for my letter. I think I will still be here in the next transfer, and the feira is on Monday. I will look for stuff to send you guys. Until the next time! Any movies that you want me to look for? They're a dollar here.
Okay, Im going now, love you all! Bye!

~Elder Wille

Monday, September 16, 2013

News! 16-9-2013

Hello everyone! Lots of good things happening it sounds like!
So, I watched Dispicable Me 2 last week. The audio was absolutely horrific, because it was recorded in the theater. I didnt understand 80 percent of it, but the general story was good. El Macho was quite interesting. And I have a fiery hatred of that chicken. :)
I have some very good news! [name redacted] and his wife got baptized!!! And they went to Stake Conference with us! Im so super happy for them, he really is going to make good progress. We did a fast with him, and he was so dedicated that he started at 4:20 and ended exactly at 4:20 not a single minute sooner. I was very impressed.
Dad, Im so very very very sorry for not wishing you a happy birthday last week! I was so looking forward to that, and then I ended up forgetting the most important part! I felt terrible the entire week knowing that I missed it. :( So happy belated birthday!!!
Parabéns pra você, nessa data querida
Muitos felicidades, muitos anos de vida.
Parabéns pra você, nessa data querida
Muitos felicidades, muitos anos de vida.
É pique, é pique, é pique-é pique-é pique
É hora, é hora, é hora-é hora-é hora.
um.... I dont remember the rest...
I think the weather is waiting for me to get back. :) I hope next year is good! And before the end of the season. Good luck with the new bouldering routes.

I have to stop sending so many pictures, its using up a lot of my time. I think Im almost done, so that will be good.
Sarah, you had surgery?? Wow, are you okay now? Thats pretty awesome about spraying blood across the room though. :) I hope it went well, and that you are okay. Does it still hurt, or has it pretty much gone away?
Hows Hayden? In that letter I sent, I asked bit about him. Does he want to serve a mission? I wrote that he should, cause its just amazing! And, at the very least, he will be able to wash his own clothes. :) bonus for you! I love and miss you so much!

Alisha, thank you so much for your letter! I really enjoyed hearing about the turtles and stuff! Good luck in your new job! I know youll do really great! Todd, congrats on getting a new job! I hope you like the picture of your stuff that they have here. :) The snowboarding season is just around the corner! you lucky ducks! I think youll have to teach me again the next time I go. :S
Miss you guys tons! Thanks for writing to me, even though you are really busy!

President Souza came and gave a talk in our Stake Conference, it was really awesome! His talks are so spiritual and powerful!
Ah, I gotta go! Talk to you all next week! Stay safe, stay strong!
~Elder Wille

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Hurried Letter

Hey guys, this one is going to be a little short, sorry! I had to shrink pictures to send to Elder R Barbosa, and then the computer stopped reading my card. :( So once again, I have no pictures.
I made the cookies for Elder Tamanhos birthday, and he really liked them. :)
Sarah, you have dreadlocks??? Could you send me a picture? I didnt get to go to the Beyoncé show, I didnt even hear any noise from that area! Hows work at footnote? Do you like it there, and are there lots of people?
Okay, so I have ten minutes. :(
Elder Tamanho and I looked at the people who can be baptized this month, made a list, and my jaw about hit the floor. We cant do this on our own, and we asked the ward to help make visits and pray for them. Would you guys be willing to pray for these people? We have around 20 people that can be baptized in just September, just in our area. Our goal for the Zone is 44. Names of people that need a special boost [names redacted]. Thanks so much!
Alisha and Todd, how are you guys doing? Is school still in, or are you in férias? (break) The time goes by so fast right now, every week passes and things still havent been done, people still havent been visited, and we're just scrambling to keep up. Is it like that for you guys too? :)

Dad, that story about Caleb is pretty funny! But what did you do with all the food from the cancelled trip? And the tornado, what happened there? Was it just really windy, or did it do lots of damage? Its getting a little scary, things are getting worse and worse as the world nears the end. I cant even imagine what its going to be like a few days before the Lord comes again. I want it to be soon, but at the same time, I want to live life a little bit on earth.
That is super sad about your boss's son! There was a missionary here too that went home from mental problems, I think Elder Lysenko was his name.
My problems here (the toes) are getting a lot better, the retainer is helping everything to grow naturally. I go in again on the 19th.
I finally saw the Work of Salvation. Do you remember Elder Reynolds, whos family was preparing him for the mission? He was one of the Assistants here in Fortaleza!!! And the courtyard is from the MTC in São Paulo! :) Cool huh!!!?
Well, my time is up. :( I really wanted to tell you guys more, but mom just a quick last note. Im just fine, Im tired constantly, but I have a vigor that I never felt before. I just keep on doing the work, and everything else is taken care of by our older Brother. :)
Love you all! Sorry for the lack of news, letters, and stuff. I will be back in less than a year! :O

~Elder Wille

Monday, September 2, 2013

Palmares 2-9-13

Dear Family,

So in the rush to get here, I left my card. again. D: So sorry Gromit!

Dad, that shirt that you gave Frank is hilarious! :) I got a kick out of that, and Skeelee with the jalapeño.
The rope actually broke, on rappel? Wow, that must have been a real gut dropping experience, and not one Id like to live. I think its a good idea to skip that one.
I finally got myself the messenger bag. I had to use the money to stay alive in Caucaia, and then I heard about a delivering problem from someone else who wanted one too, so I never got around to it. Then the boyfriend of a girl who lives in the ward happens to be the delivery boy, so I bought one. And the buckle broke two days after. :( I just need that part replaced and all will be as good as new. :)
Dad, I have a favor to ask of you. could you email me a picture of the Kokopellis on the boat, and maybe a few others? I have the tradition of drawing a Kokopelli on each planner, and I want a different one on each, if possible. The boat has quite a few that are simple.

We had not one, not two, but THREE baptisms this week! [name redacted], (10) his sister [name redacted]  (12) and [name redacted] (14) who is the brother of [name redacted]  (anyone see Portuguese grammar structure? Yeah, its bad) This week we are having the baptisms of [name redacted] and [name redacted]  (calm yourself Iago)
Remember that couple that had the goal of not just baptism, but going to the temple? [name redacted] and [name redacted]? Its that [name redacted], and then a year after, they can go to the temple! yay!!!!
[name redacted] is the nephew of [name redacted]  15 years old. Get this, she has a niece ([name redacted]'s sister) who also is named [name redacted]  :SSS We are hoping to baptize them both with another sibling named [name redacted]. [name redacted] hasnt gone to church yet, and FINALLY [name redacted] went to non-evangelicals-church for the first time, on Fast and Testimony meeting. (Side note, I play the piano for Sacrament meeting, which consists of playing the rhythm with any key and the piano plays itself.) I was a little concerned, because [name redacted] has had a bit of a problem accepting that God only has one true church, and testimony meeting is chock full of that. Between testimonies, I walked down and briefly explained what was happening and why, and she already understood, and said "Eu me sinto paz, eu nunca senti assim nas outras igrejas" or translated loosely "I feel peaceful, and Ive never felt this in any of the other churches"
Wow. I about did a backflip, but that would be a bit disruptive. Instead, I crept back up onto the stand (I just barely remembered what it was called. :P) and watched the meeting go on. When we open our hearts, we really feel what the Holy Ghost has to tell us, and it only happens if our hearts are open.
I very recently had an enjoyable time reading Our Search for Happiness. I highly recommend it for something beneficial to do. Its written by Elder Ballard of the 12 Apostles, and he explains our basic beliefs to non-members so that they understand what we LDS people are all about, and does it in just about the perfect way. Applying a few techniques and situations in there, we can help spread the gospel and not be overbearing and offend someone. Even though the material is basic belief, the book is still a really good one to read. It strengthened my testimony that God lives and has an active role in our life.
Dear Sarah, I have some news that will make you super jealous. :) Beyoncé is coming to Fortaleza on the 8th of this month! Shes doing the Mrs. Carter show in the Castelão stadium. :) I cant go to it, so dont feel too jealous. :) in the bus terminal, they always have an ad about it, and I think especially of you every time I see it! A bit more trivia, Paul McCartney played in the same stadium a few months ago, and the world cup will have a game or two in there this next year! :)
Did you get my letter that I sent to you? I hope it didnt get lost in the mail, I would be so sad if it did, cause you'll miss my awesome and skillfull drawings. ;)
How are things going for you? I hope you are well and enjoying life after High School! Stay safe, I love you so much! :D

Oh oh, também, youll never guess what I found at the supermarket today. Chia seeds!!! What a coincidence! And we do indeed have a blender!! :D
Kung Fu Panda 2 was really good! i cant decide which I like better, I have to see number 1 again to make a decision. Theres a lot more friendship in 2, and the bad guy is really awesome. Seria legal se vocês assistissem Kung Fu Panda 2. :) hint hint.
I made the coconut scones this morning. They were good and everyone liked them a lot, but personally they rank #4 in the ones Ive made so far, not counting the apple cinn ones. Raspberry is by far #1, then Gingerbread, and then peach. thank you so much for sending the mixes, they are perfect for breakfast and super tasty!

Ah bummer, I have to go. Have an excellent week, keep pressing forward with Faith in Every Footstep. (missionary hymn) I love you all! Talk at you next week!
~Elder Wille