Monday, June 30, 2014

Ipanema B (BdG) 30-6-2014

Hello family and friends, and welcome to the penultimate mission letter that I will be sending. Things are winding down to a nice end, the mission presidency has been changed, Irmão Francisco and Irmã Elaine Souza are now comfortably relaxing in Curitiba, and President and Sister Bonini (Like the pill bonine, with an E on the end) are now in command of the mission, from the moment they set foot in Fortaleza at afternoon. I havent had the opportunity to meet him yet, theres going to be a welcome conference when we will officially meet him for the first time.
The Goodbye conference for former President Souza (SOH-zah) I bore my final testimony (almost forgot how to spell that) and Sister Souza gave every Elder a departing hug. As for their plans when they arrive in October, I havent the foggiest. Just that they will probably now have a detour to Texas Roadhouse. I can keep in touch with them when I return. :)

I dont know if they have informed you yet, but when Elder Andersen was here, they made the final decisions for the temple here in Fortaleza. They had to change some stuff, cause the goverment is being difficult. They said its too tall and they have risks of airplanes where the temple is. I dont know how thats possible, when the apartment buildings on Beira Mar beach are much taller, and other apartments less than a mile from the airport are also really tall. The mayor or governer doesnt like the church, so it may have something to do with it. The modified design is much less attractive in my opinion, a fusion of the Nauvoo and Curitiba temples.

Mom, Im in the Brasil Fortaleza Mission, not the East. (West hasnt been formed yet, probably in the next few years. The interior is exploding!)
The cookies arrived a little melted together, but entirely intact. :)
President and Sister Souza dont speak hardly any english, just a few phrases here and there. Mom, that fast that you did really helped me, thank you so much! It passed quickly and now its not a bother at all! :) I found a conference talk that I think you might like, especifically the last half. Its from October 2013 conference by Elder Eyring, called To My Grandchildren. I think its worth taking a look at. And in church one of the counselors gave a very interesting talk about if the Savior visited our home, what would we do? Would we be able to let Him in right then, or would ask just a minute and run around hiding and cleaning stuff? Would we wish He hadnt seen that last scene on the TV, or hurry and switch our music to hymns? It was really interesting, and a bit of a sting, but it teaches an important principle, that we should always have our house in a state to receive a Celestial Guest.

Dad, thanks for the advice! I think maybe hibernating in the theater isnt such a good idea then after all? :D hahaha. What is Hand, Foot and Mouth disease? Does it come from babies' habit of sticking anything and everything in their mouths?
Im sorry the trip to Powell wasnt as sporty and exciting as other times. I wonder why fishing is becoming so difficult, it used to be really easy to get at least something. Are the mussels having an impact yet?
Congrats on keeping up with the young whipper snappers!
Once again, I cant believe that its all coming to a close, it doesnt seem real.

Well, I gotta go now. Brasil is playing here in Fortaleza this Friday, which is going to be absolutely NUTS!!!! The US is doing really well this year, they managed to stay in so far. Brasil isnt doing as good as it usually should. They tie a lot with people they should beat soundly, but its okay. Win or lose, Friday is going to be very hard to work, and nothing is going to get done after the game. Wish us luck!

~Elder Wille!

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