Monday, January 7, 2013


Dear Family,
I hear you guys are freezing over there? Its so hot here that I cant sleep with even just a sheet over me and a giant fan in the room! The sun is hot, its humid, and it rains almost every morning now. Not the huge Utah storms, just average rain, and it only lasts about a minute. Everyone thinks Im crazy cause I like to stand out and enjoy it. I miss those big storms.
New Years, we spent it sleeping. :) No stops in the missionary work, Im afraid. 10:30 bed, and up at 6:30 like clockwork. I did wake up at midnight though, too many loud explosions. I only got one or two photos, since I was up and not sleeping again anytime soon. (nossa, que barulho!) It was pretty much just a normal day, but we bought another pannetone to celebrate at 9.
Christmas, we had dinner at the house of our LMA, Edinho. (eh-JEEN-yoo, something like little Eddie) It was good, rice and chicken and salad. I took a picture, which will come in the next batch. After that, we went home, ate the first pannetone, and went to bed.
I did get one present for Christmas, from President and Sister Souza, but that was at the Christmas Conference. A bag of M&Ms, and a jar of dirt... I mean, sand. Its different colors, and makes a picture. Pretty cool. Funny thing, I got more presents for my birthday than for Christmas.
You gave me money for both of my companions for Christmas, and they both got it. :)
Happy news, I know where my Christmas package is. Its stuck at the Correios (post office) in Aldeota, and I have to pay a R$127 tax on it. O_O Lame, right? They choose certain packages to tax, and let others go through. I was lucky enough to be chosen for whatever reason. I dont know how they choose. :( Im going to pick it up on Wednesday after my district meeting in Aldeota.
We have to move houses because this one has problems up the wahzoo and they´re finally putting another pair of missionaries in Caucaia! In February! We need a bigger house to support 4 people as well.
So far, we havent stayed overnight anywhere but here. Dont worry mom, I do have a flashlight and we avoid dark places. Thieves like to hide there, so we try and steer clear.
Itapipoca is actually not even a group yet, officially. Its just a family that has a meeting with a hymn, prayer, spiritual thought, and closing hymn and prayer. Thats it. And scenery.... I usually sleep on the bus there, >.> and no, I dont get motion sick. :) Its very dry there, doesnt seem remotely tropical.
The bus there is like a big tour bus, more or less. The other ones for shorter, in city trips are similar to the ones in Mexico.
Before I forget, Edinho wants me to ask you How much is a jar of peanut butter? He and his family tried some and are now viciously addicted. Oh dear... :) A returned missionary and all.
Im sorry, I dont have any more time to write and answer questions. Dad, I know you asked some in your latest email, I will try to answer them in a mission ties or next week. Sorry!
Ah, real quick too. I didnt get Sarah a present for her birthday. If she would like to wait quite a while more, I can get her something here.

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