Monday, January 28, 2013


Hello everyone!
Im terribly sorry, but this will be a short one too. They had us fill out a survey thing on Preach My Gospel (took me 3 times, cause the internet place closed, then the power went out, and now I finally finished) and I have to write my letter to President Souza, which I do first. On top of that, letters to read that I missed last week and this week. Phew!!! I actually think Im overtime right now, hard to tell cause we changed places when the power went out.
Very quickly, Creuza got baptized! Yay! Thanks for the prayers and support of everyone over there!
We are throwing a movie night in Itapipoca this Friday night (Sexta is Friday, right?) with popcorn and soda and stuff! On a borrowed projector from the chapel. Its going to be really fun for our investigators. We have 3 or 4 potential Priesthood Holders (which we REALLY need) so more prayers are much appreciated. :)
Mom, you asked a lot about Elder R. Barbosa's family. He has their support even though they havent joined the Church yet. Everything is all good with him. Im sorry, I would really like to answer all the questions in your letters, but Im so short on time. :( I have to play scavenger hunt and re-read to where I left off.
Im so glad my package finally arrived. The one you guys sent isnt lost, its on the way back to you guys, so you wont have to replace it. Would you be willing to include a bit of peanut butter, if possible?
Um, what else... I had an interview with President Souza that was absolutely fantastic. I dont know why, but I was really nervous while waiting. Happily, it turned out to be very comforting, helpful, and encouraging. :)
Looks like I have a bit of time, I will write some good stuff.
I got burned for the first time here, Saturday. It was really odd, cause Ive spent almost 4 months here, walking in the sun all day, no sunscreen, and I havent been homem-lagosta at all, until that day. My arms were really red, and they didnt hurt. Its weird, Im about as dark as I think I will get on the mission, but when I look at my arms, I dont look dark at all. Just white. Anyone jealous over there in the freezing cold? :)
Hey Dad, I didnt have to pay the R$137 fee on my package, since I never got it. You can reverse the transaction now. Did you put 137 dollars or 68 dollars? I just want to make sure, Ive confused them so many times already.
In regards to the canyon trip, Im not so sure about Bluejohn. Just what Clark and Steve said (I didnt do any of my own research on the canyon) which was that they wouldnt touch Bluejohn, cause its dangerous or something like that. The rating doesnt seem that bad, which doesnt add up. Maybe ask Clark and Steve their opinion?
As for the 230 foot rappel, that sounds totally sweet! The lowering plan sounds pretty good, if youre okay with hauling the 30 feet back up. The other option is use a prussik to detatch and reattatch below, with a static rope length. But its much more risky, more things that can go wrong, and everyone would have to do it. I think the lowering method sounds much better.
On my facebook, would you be willing to add Monalisa and Luiz as friends? Thanks!
I sent a big letter to you guys, hand written, that has a letter from Elder R. Barbosa too. Have you guys gotten it yet?
Ah, it is time to head out. I have less than an hour left of P-day due to watching Journey 2. (it was pretty good) I took pictures of this week and last weeks letters, so I will write a mission ties if I can. Love you guys!

~√Člder Wille

Quick responses. Our mission has 180 missionaries, and we are lacking 40 to be at minimal capacity. With Caucaia and the groups, we REALLY need more missionaries. One companionship each for Caucaia, Paracuru, and Itapipoca.
Im sorry you were really sick! :( I hope you get better really fast!
The first meeting went awesome. we had 55 people there in attendance. It includes us missionaries and the leaders, but still. Its almost a branch all by itself!
Ah, gotta go now, Love you! Have fun in the desert, cause I am in one too! :)

~√Člder Wille

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