Monday, October 14, 2013

Montese 14-10-2013

Hello Family!

Okay, my companions name is Elder Phillips, he's from South Carolina but was born in South Dakota, lived in Alabama, California, and Utah. He has 7 (!!!) sisters and two brothers. He likes a lot of the same style of music that I like, and wrestled in middle school. He set a school record in the triple jump from track and field to boot.
His family is all members of the church, some are a little afastados (gee, Im forgetting some important stuff) but the mission is helping.
He served one transfer in Fort Collins Colorado, Provo MTC, and now hes here. The transfer there kinda killed the portuguese he had down, so hes starting from almost the basics.
He also looks exactly like Alex Richeys older brother.

Well, not a whole lot has happened, but we make some contacts to try and make our teaching pool bigger. The thing is, everyone we teach doesnt live in our area. :/ I found a dad and his daughter that were pretty interested, sitting in front of their house, and we taught them. The dad, Cícero, was pretty into it until the end, and had listened to the missionaries before. The daughter was really into it, accepted the baptismal invite, and then we found out that they live in Maracanaú. :S
We are trying to coordinate the work with the members, but the meeting that was supposed to take place didnt. So, we are kinda just toodling around the area, trying our best on our own. Other than that, its great here! They have planes flying overhead every 10 to 20 minutes, super low cause we are about a mile from the airport. Trunky!!! Nah, Ive gotten used to it.

Living with the Assistants, its not a huge difference. They are gone a lot of the time, so its chill. But we do have some problems, for instance:
The owners of the condo put a brand new, shiny lock on the door to the sidewalk. Thats great and all, except they only gave us one key... Hmm. :) More coordination.

Mom, dry ice does exist here, but its incredibly hard to find and I would imagine insanely expensive. I found some leftover root beer extract (and maple too) that Elder Patino or Elder Canoy left behind, along with taco seasoning, some marshmallows, and a few other things. They do have club soda, so maybe that would work. I will give that a try.

Dad, I would like to pay tithing on the inheritance too. Could you do that for me? Thanks!
President Souza did put up the Wakeboarding Elder for me on the office picture board. Lots of people get a kick out of it. :) And the one I carry with my in my album, almost everyone laughs. Some believe its real for a few seconds. :)
How are you surviving all that load? I bet racquetball was a huge relief, a time to "sharpen the saw." I hope and pray that you can get all the things done for the release! And another canyon trip would be a welcome finishing present.
A quick favor, would you be willing to start to include the author or scripture reference of those quotes at the end of your email? Theres some that Id like to share with people, but I dont know where some of them are. Thanks!

Well, I have to go, sorry about the lack of news. We looked for a house, again, and I found a place that sells doughnuts. :) R$0,35 each, 3 for R$1. Thats like 7 for a dollar over there. Good price, eh?? :D
Thank you all for your prayers, I really appreciate all of you for doing so. Continue praying for that missionary experience that Elder Ballard talked about! The Lord is hastening His work, and He uses us to do it! What a privelege! The church is true!

~Elder Wille

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