Monday, October 7, 2013

Montese 7-10-2013

What?? Its October already? Happy one year anniversary to me in the field! :) Last week anyway.

Im kinda freaking out, I ONLY have 10 months left. Where has the time gone? What have I been doing out here? 6 more planners? Thats hardly any! Im honestly a bit scared.

Ive been thinking about some things, and I realized its amazing the changes Ive been through. I can identify 2 instances of personal transformation. One was a little after Snow College, and the other is here on the Mission. It really is interesting how much you change on the mission. Its miniscule by the day, but it definitely makes a huge difference over my 1 year and 2 months.

Well, about Montese. We went to lunch the first day, Tuesday, and I had looked briefly at the calendar. 31, Targino, beleza. We went to find his house, and lo and behold, I forgot to get the number of the house. We went back, 5 minutes of walking, got the number, and went back. Lo and behold again, it wasnt their day to give lunch. September doesnt have 31 days... :S The sister called her husband Targino and asked who has it, and we went to the right house, way down in the corner of our area. We got there around 1. :S

Conference this weekend was one of the best Ive seen, ever. Please tell me you watched all of it? Especially the Second session of Saturday? I was on cloud nine at the end. Elder Hollands talk was out of this world! I know that talk is going to help countless people.

Dad, yesterday I was talking with Targino, our Elders Quorum President, and I correctly identified him as a software person. :) He does a lot of other stuff as well as writes programs, lots of administration if I remember right. I told him that youre a software engineer, and he asked what language you use. I said java and he groaned. 'I do not like java' he says, in his thick brazilian accent. He uses Ruby instead, and cant stand Windows. He got a notebook which came with Windows 8, used it for half an hour, went crazy, took it off and put Kubunto on it. "Much better" he says.

Mom, I have a kitchen story for you. A tiny one. Ive sliced two different fingers cutting up mangas (not sleeves) for juice. Shallowly cause they didnt bleed, but its at the annoying painful depth. Im definitely going to make that when I come home. First youll think "What are you DOING?" but its okay. Ive done it before. Once... :D

Sarah, how am I going to talk to you now? You's so far away! :( But have a good time living away from home! Visit often! I love you so much! <3

Oh no, Ive run out of time. :( sorry! Have a great time everyone, remember to brush your teeth, and give Elder Ballards talk a try. ;)

~Elder Wille

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