Monday, November 18, 2013

Guadalajara 18-11-2013

Hi there Family and Friends!

Nothing too big to say this week. We finally got our furniture, so that was really nice. Still no fans, so we all still sleep in hammocks. Its a lot cooler than in a bed.
We dont have a propane tank (oh yeah, all their stoves are gas with a propane tank. Kinda like a barbeque, but different :P) so I cant make my delicious scones yet. The mission office will pay for one, but we have to do all the gathering and researching and stuff first. Its something like R$160 for a full tank.
Before the furniture (móveis) got here, all we had in our house for about 2 days was hammocks and bread. :) Seriously, it was great.
How was Enders Game? I actually did read that one in school. I loved the battle sequences, did they do a good job on those?

Dad, hows work going now that things are more relaxed? Whats the next big project? Any plans for home improvements? (maybe ask Tim Taylor for help: :D) Im going to put a birthday present for you in the Christmas package, Im sorry I didnt get it off sooner!

Mom, I didnt get a pooping snowman last year, I think maybe it was in the first Christmas package, the one that got lost.
And may I say that the spreadable fruit jam stuff was absolutely wonderful! Raspberry was the best one. Thank you so much for sending it! :)
What does the Bear Grylls poster say at the bottom? The bottom got cut off. :(

Alisha and Todd: What are you guys up to? Been snowboarding lately with the new snow? Theres a negative chance of snow here, Im really missing it. Actually, Im missing pretty much everything up there, but its only a bit more than 8 months away. And that is a very scary thought.
Whats new with school? Work? A question for Alisha, have any little childrens thrown up on you yet? :D Oh, I heard of something you would like. On the beaches, they sell pieces of roasted cheese on little churrasco sticks. I heard theyre pretty good.
Todd, I know you dont work with pizza anymore, but did they make chocolate pizzas at Papa Johns? With cheese? :D They do here! Or banana with cheese and cinnamon, Im not a huge fan of those ones.

Uncle Bobby and Aunt Celinda, how are you guys doing? Im doing very well here, halfway sun baked, but its good! Im loving the mission life, its so different, but it gives a good feeling.
Yo no hablo español mas, pero si yo pienso ... muito? consigo escrevir un poco. Yo olvidei quase tudo! É muito mais fácil para mim escrever em português. Ainda bem que Pedrinho serviu em Brasil, ele pode ajudar no tradução.
Eu sinto muito que vocês tiveram problemas de saúde! :( Mas fico muito feliz que vocês estão melhor. :) Mi hijo de la misión es de Argentina, ele mistura todo que él habla. Eu também. :)
And now for some english. I hope you have a fantastic holiday season. Im going to miss seeing you all at Thanksgiving and Christmas, it was always a joy to see  you both. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you two!

I gotta go, they cut the time off without warning. Bye bye until next time!

~Elder Wille

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