Monday, November 4, 2013

Montese 4-11-2013

Hey Family!

Before I forget, here is President Souza's email address for you Dad:

Okay, news news news! This week was a bit better than normal. I had more of a Halloweent than the last year. We carved an abobora (it is in fact a pumpkin!)
I have a picture attached. Its actually more orange inside than out. We carved MBF in the back, but front to back so that it projected correctly on the wall. MBF is Missão Brasil Fortaleza. :) We took and left it at a dance later that week.
My itty bitty package came! :) And today we made the pumpkin scones. :) They werent super pumpkin-y, but they were very tasty. :) We had to use aluminum foil, cause this house doesnt have a baking pan. :O
On the picture, look at the chairs. We are actually sitting in them. ;D Cool huh?

Oh wow, I really dont have a lot of time, sorry!!! :( Im so happy that you guys had fun on Halloween without me. :)

Mom, Im using shoes again. :) This whole transfer too. :D The bishop had the ice cream and brownies. He wants to study up there in the states, just has to pass the TOEFL test. (remind you of someone?) He speaks pretty good.
So, the missionary talent show isnt until Christmas... :D We havent even started practicing yet.

Ah dang it, Ive run out of time. Have a fantastic week everyone! Enjoy the pictures, I have more but I dont have enough time right now. :( Bye for now!

~Elder Wille

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