Monday, January 20, 2014

Benfica 20-1-2014

Bom dia meus familiares, amigos, e outras pessoas que não falam Brasileiro! :D
Vou enxertar parte da minha carta a Presidente Souza. Mais um milagre.

Esta semana presenciamos um milagre e uma experiência espiritual. Passamos na casa de uma pesquisadora, e ela falou que não podia nos atender no momento, porque a mãe estava muita depressada. Um pensamento passou na minha cabeça de dar uma bênção, mas achei que era só eu, e não atendi. Ao andar, falei para Elder Tenney sobre o pensamento e como deveria ter seguido, e antes de chegar 100 metros da casa, tive a forte impressão que devemos voltar. Não hesitei, voltamos, e a mãe (católica) aceitou immediatamente, e já leu a escritura que tínhamos deixado com a filha. Ela nos recebeu chorando, e acreditava plenamente na bênção. Sentimos o Espírito tão forte. Vamos voltar e ver se nosso serviço ajudou em abrir os corações deles.
Okay, chega do Português. Opa, disculpa. :D Its just so much fun to write em português! And its kind of addicting when you start.
Well, not a whole lot is happening. We have 2 baptisms lined up for this week. They both need a lot of support from the members, and due to some problems that the ward had with a past missionary, they arent too excited to help. :( But we just have to keep working hard, show that we arent the same missionary, and that we will make a difference.
Mom, I ate something that I desperately wanted to take a picture of and send you guys, but I didnt have my camera so I will just tell you. I got a feijoada at a local bar/restaurant thingy (just R$7 for lunch! And its good food) and they put A LOT of fat pieces in it. I took one out that happend to have skin on one side, and guess what the skin had?? It had HAIR! It looked a lot like eyelashes, but it was actually part of the chin. :D Oh gross! Oh yes! I still ate the non-fatty parts, just wanted to gross you all out. ;)
The padded envelope hasnt come yet, but thats okay. We are REALLY liking the mashed potatoes! (Elder Tenney got BBQ sauce, so we make a cheap version of Smashers) Thank you so much for the birthday and Christmas stuff! :D

Hey Dad, have you read Jesus the Christ? Im slowly making my way through it, and it sheds a TON of light on the life of Christ. I really enjoy it, but after a bit I get kinda sleepy. :P Also 3 Nephi (??? its not Néfi?) is really good too. I think its awesome that you are developing a study habit. Its something that keeps me alive down here.
How do you like the Kindle? Im wanting to get one after the mission to buy books in Portuguese to read and learn more modern language. I saw one at Targino's house, and he let me look at it and try it out, and I think it would be a great way to read stuff like Harry Potter in Portuguese to keep in practice.

Alisha and Todd, did your letter come yet? I sent it a few weeks ago, so it should get there pretty soon.
Todd, sounds like you are getting super good at racquetball! Thats so awesome, I miss it quite a bit. Instead we get to paint houses and watch soccer. Today we are going to watch The Best Two Years in the chapel for P-Day. Itll be really interesting to see the differences and similarities, even though a lot of the movie is staged and wouldnt happen.
Alisha, how are things going with you? I had another dirt-tasting Açai the other day, but it was like a good dirt. :) There are so many things you guys have to try when you get down here! Maybe we will pass on the Panelada or buchada, but the fruits here are wonderful!
Sarah, are you doing okay with everything? Got any big news? Im dying to hear from you.
Well, I have to go. Have a fantastic week, all of you! I will write some more next week!

~Elder Wille


Here's the Portuguese part in English, courtesy of Google translate:

I'm going to graft part of my letter to President Souza. One more miracle. 

This week witnessed a miracle and a spiritual experience. We passed the house of a researcher, and she said she could not meet us at the moment, because the mother was much depressada. A thought crossed my mind to give a blessing, but I thought it was just me, and did not answer. While walking, I told Elder Tenney about thinking and how it should be followed, and before reaching 100 meters from home, I had the strong impression that we must turn. Do not hesitate, come back, and the mother (Catholic) immediatamente accepted, and have read the scripture that we had left with her daughter. She received us crying, and fully believed in the blessing. Felt the Spirit so strong. Come back and see if our service has helped to open their hearts.

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