Monday, January 27, 2014

Benfica 27-1-2014

Hello there Family! How is everyone doing?

Well, Im here for a 7th week, and things are going to be difficult! Our planners only go 6 weeks with a one-page seventh week to help the transition. So this week, instead of having one page per day, we have one page for 7 days! Oh goody! :D

I did have another experience at that same place that had the hair in the feijoada. They have something called Panelada that Ive always had a curiosity in trying, and they happened to have it. It didnt smell bad, so I gave it a try. It was very... interesting.
Panelada is cow intestine. :D I wanted to try it once in Montese, but when they lifted up the lid a HUGE wave of manure smell met my unfortunate nose and I immediately declinded. This one didnt smell, so I gave it a try. Its very oily and a bit rubbery. I ate 4-5 pieces and then decided I was done, washing it down with some coke like Todd. I took a picture on the cell phone, but cant upload it. :(
Mom, buchada is basically the same, but with goat or some other animal. Or maybe its stomach? Something like that, some organ that normal people dont eat. :P

Well, not much has been happening. We are going to have 2 baptisms this week. We decided to wait another week, which may not have been the best idea. But it will be a good way to end the transfer. :) Could you keep them in your prayers? Thanks!

Um, Im intentionally not saying how much it was. It wasnt huge like the other ones, so I figured I could buy this one. :) But thank you so much! I donated the party stuff to a Sister missionary for her birthday which is coming up. Actually, its exactly next week on Monday, transfer day!

Dad, I know youre excited that Im coming home soon, but you cant get so exicted that you fall off stuff! :D Or you wont be around when I do get home! Hahaha :) Glad that youre doing better,

So Elder Tenney and I are having lots of fun! Hes actually speaking amazingly well. We did a couple of fasts, and his speaking ability is just taking off! He is very diligent in studying the language every day, and its really paying off.
Now for the reason we have fun. We both love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Batman/Dark Knight, etc etc. I baked some brownies and we got a thing going where we put Brownie into every movie quote. I think it started off with Dark Knight. It went something like this
"Let 'em go"
"Very poor choice of words. :D hahahaha"
"Uhhh Brownies!!!"
After that, it was Star Wars, the last one on the Volcano planet.
"You overbaked them!"
"You have done that yourself"
"You will not make me eat them!"
"Your gluttony and lust for deliciousness have already done that"
And after:
"Anakin, the Pillsberry Dough Boy is evil!"
"From my point of view, Betty Crocker is evil!"
"Well then you are lost!"
We get some really good laughs from one another. Theres the Harry Potter 1 where Hagrid says Youre a Mormon Harry. "Im a what??"
I think we can safely say that we are nerds. But happy nerds. :D Im sad that this transfer is ending. And I gotta go, sorry! I will write next week to those of you I missed! Love you all, tchauuuuuu!

~Elder Wille

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