Monday, December 3, 2012


Dear Family,
Wow! My second transfer is drawing to a close. There is only 5 weeks in this one. My companion will be going home, I will miss him very much. Most likely, I will stay in Caucaia (cow-KAI-uh) and recieve a senior missionary.
Elder Nascimento is very knowledgeable about the Church. He has asked and read and searched about much of the structure of it, and told me the basic layout. Its amazing, and really is perfect. I learned the importance of Home Teaching as well, and the role of the President of the Elders Quorum.
To everyone who reads this, I encourage you to hit up youtube and watch Elder Hollands Testimony on the Book of Mormon. Its simply powerful, and hit me really hard. He has a gift in public speaking.
I learned an addition to a well known saying that I think is pretty cool. "When it rains, it pours. But just remember where the rain comes from."
Okay, story time. Elder Nascimento and I were getting on the train, the kind where its just one big tunnel and you can walk from car to car without opening a door or anything, and inside the train were 2 groups of street musicians and tons of people. It was absolutely packed in there, I couldnt believe it. People were dancing, having a good time, even drinking. :( Ive never seen anything like it in my life. That train was completely full.
This past Sunday, we had a baptism!!! Yay! His name is Tiago, 11 years old, and I got to baptize him. :)
Theres more to that day as well. The Stake President told us that the group of Tapipoca is going to be added to the Caucaia Ward! It was really neat, and we had a very special guest present, who also was there for Tiagos baptism. A very very very special guest. Youll all have to see in the pictures that I send in my Christmas package. hehehe. :D I will also send a print of the picture of Marcelo and Francenilda's baptism. I forgot my camera that day.
This next Sunday, Stake Conference, President Monson is giving a Declaration specifically to the areas of Manaus and Fortaleza. I dont know what its about, but itll for sure be very exciting! Manaus is another mission, by the way.
I havent gotten my mission ties letter off yet, sorry. Itll be there soon with details about investigators.
Well, thats all the news I have that I cant spoil for you yet. Im excited and very happy to be here doing the work of the Lord, its hard but thats how it is supposed to be.
I know the Lord lives, I know he loves each of us, and knows us personally. Our hopes, our dreams, our wishes. He is there for us any time we need someone to turn to.

~√Člder Wille

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