Monday, December 17, 2012

A letter! a letter! a letter!

Dear Family,
I have my new companion! His name is Élder Barbosa (lock up, ya bloomin' cockroaches!!! Ahahahaha!!!! ~Pirates of the Caribbean) And he's from Africa! How awesome is that??? Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde, and they are native speakers of Portuguese. Hes a big guy, really awesome, but a tad white for being African. :) Sarah would go nuts, I will see if I can introduce him via skype or something. His accent is pretty much awesome.
The transfer meeting went really well, pretty short. I got a bit of special recognition, cause Pres. Souza talked about how some missionaries complain about the size of their area. I think theres more than 50 areas in Fortaleza city itself, so everyone has a small piece. He mentioned that Caucaia has 11 whole cities, plus Caucaia itself. He phrased it more gently, but the idea was 'Please dont complain, your area is really pretty small.' Afterward, the Bishop of our ward gave us a ride (nos deu uma corona) which I called in the previous night. Buses and Taxis and trains werent going to cut it for the trip from Montese to Caucaia. (The meeting was in Montese Chapel. I dont know how far it is from Caucaia, but its really far)
Élder Barbosa hasnt been to Caucaia yet, so I get to show him the whole area! I hope I paid enough attention to where everything is... :O
Mom, my feet are normal, with maybe a bit of a high arch. Very rarely, I get an ache in the middle, and I cant curl my toes. Is that lack of arch support? It only happened once, nothing to worry about. Im walking normal, better than when I started. :) No, I dont need new shoes.
Garments are holding really well. I kinda wish I had a few more pairs so I dont have to wash as often, but thats just a creature comfort and I need to stop being lazy.
I did get the lyrics, thank you so much! Now I can sing them all day and all night! I also got Sarah's cookie (That really made my day Sarah. I laughed so much, thank you!) and havent gotten either of my Christmas packages.
Im still doing really well, healthy. Élder Nascimento was a bit sick when he left, but he'll be alright. Hes probably at home now, playing pokemon after kissing his namorada (girlfriend). :)

What is your Nicer neti pot?

Its very nice to know that my absence is felt. :) I never really talked a whole lot, maybe mine was just kind of that big quiet but friendly one. I didnt expect a whole lot of people to ask about me so much. But again, its nice to know and gives me warm fuzzies. :)
For Danielle, one week is like one very long day for a missionary. It was two months for you, but it felt like a long-ish week. I think its the p-days, our day of contact to the outside world. Im sorry I didnt get one off to you sooner. I really liked the letter you sent me though, I will get another one off to you soon.
By the way, skype will be on the 24th, Christmas Eve and my p-day. Oh wow, its coming up next week! I will call and tell you what time I will be on the day before. Please answer the home phone that day. :D
Ah, gotta go, bye!

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