Monday, May 20, 2013

This Week Flew! (20-5-13)

Hello Family and Friends!

Another week, gone. Its all going by so fast! So let me tell you what went on during this blur of time.

First, there was the transfer meeting on Thursday that killed our sleeping habits for the rest of the week. We found out that Brazil Fortaleza Mission will be divided into 3 missions! First, the southern area of our mission, Juazeiro do Norte, will be annexed by the existing Brazil Natal Mission. It is possible that I will not finish my mission in a Fortaleza area. Second, Brazil Fortaleza Leste is a very small mission that was created, from about the middle of the area at the top to the eastern edge. For a better picture, imagine Utah as a square, then cut the piece out of it. Thats about what the Leste mission will be, roughly. The rest will stay regular Brazil Fortaleza Mission.

Second, we baptized Jefferson! Hes the younger brother of Natan, and son of Silene and José Maria. (Zemaria) He is 14, and Elder Villalba baptized him. :) This computer doesnt read my card. :( No pictures yet. D:

Thirdly, we found a family to teach when a little girl asked us to come teach them. We talked with the father, and he accepted. We marked a day, and taught the Restoration, and invited them to be baptized. We got a big surprise, the parents were already baptized! Earlier we had asked if they had known other missionaries, and the dad said yes, but it was a long time ago. No mention that he was already a memeber. But its all cool, reactivation is just as important for them, and it leads to other baptisms, like the kids.

Dad, I think that creating that blog was an excellent idea, thank you! One question, whats next after the garden? The front under the windows?
I miss being home, but its only a few times during the week. Just have to enjoy whats going on around me, work, and I will be done in no time! :)

Sarah, congratulations on your graduation! I marked in my planejamento what time it is at, so I will be able to think especially of you even if Im not there! :D
Those shoes are pretty sweet! How tall exactly are they?

Mom and Dad, I have a small favor for you. Could you log onto my facebook and add/accept as a friend Manoela, Elder Couto (Gustavo Alcover Couto e Silva) and the people you remember from Caucaia? Thanks!

Well, thats about all of the exciting news. I found a few new snakes here. I think I have 4 or 5 now. Pete should enjoy hearing about that. :) They also have scorpions, which are guys that are after missionaries, and not just the Sisters... >.>

~Elder Wille

P.S. For those who havent heard a lot of the mission terms, snakes are girls who like to flirt and talk with the Elders. They dont have to be non-members, there are a few member snakes.

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