Monday, May 6, 2013

P-Day of 6-5-13 (Pictures!)

Another week gone, but we have the joyous news of Mikaels baptism!!! And he chose me to be the baptizer! :D Due to problems then and now, I have to send those pictures next week of me in a macacão. I have pictures this week though!!! :D

Well, this week was really pretty normal. We confirmed Silene and a lad named Victor. He's fifteen, and was baptized last August. Getting him to church was like pulling hens teeth, cause he has a class in Maracanaú on Saturday, for which he has to ride 3 busses. Its dangerous at night, so he doesnt like to travel then, and his ward meets at 8:30 in the morning. But we finally got him to church and confirmed!
Manoels family only needs his last son to be baptized, and then they can count down one year to the temple! Im so super excited for them! I will probably still be on the mission when they actually go, but itll be the Recife Temple, and I cant attend. D':

An interesting story! Yesterday was fast Sunday, and the way it works here is you eat lunch on Saturday and lunch on Sunday, 24 hours. We had just broken our fast with the only thing we had, water and juice. Then we went to eat lunch at a members house named Fabio, but we got the wrong house of another member. He went with us to the correct house. We knocked on the door, and Fabio said "Oh sorry Elders, I didnt prepare lunch for you" "Thats okay, we'll eat anything" "Oh, but I dont have anything. Heres some money, (R$15, barely anything, and definitely not enough to end a fast) could you go buy yourselves something to eat?" I said "ah, okay, thanks..." but my mind was thinking "Are you serious? Money to buy lunch on a Sunday?" I REALLY didnt want to end a fast by breaking the sabbath unless it was an emergency. Luckily, that guy that took us to the right house? He gave us a good lunch of Macarrão Nada, or Spaghetti with meat and corn and stuff.

I cant really think of anything else that happened this week, it was really just normal. Until next week, when I will actually talk to you guys! In a bit of Portuguese! :) Até mais.

~Elder Wille

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