Monday, July 15, 2013


Hello my dear family!

So, we had another baptism! His name is Pedro, 13 years old, and a good kid. I am sending fotos so you can see who he is, and our bishop, LMA (Ward Mission Leader) and a few other peoples.
So Pedro pretty much always goes to church. He lives next to a family in the ward who takes him every week. Now we just have to get his mom and sister there too.
I finally broke down and bought me a rede. (its said exactly like hedge) Im sending pictures of that too. We went to Centro to sign and finalize all the paper work for [names redacted]'s wedding, (this Friday!!!!) and afterwards I took the opportunity to look around and buy one at the Shopping de Rede. I found one really great for R$43, and the lady gave it to me for R$40, and R$5 more for the metal loop protectors. I wanted a cheapish one, and bought her (rede is feminine) to use during the mission. If she breaks then oh well. I didnt spend an ton on her. Near the end of the mission, I want to buy a really fancy one to take home. (Yes, I know that sounds really bad and cruel. But its a hammock, not a real girl. :D )
I was also intending to buy a small-ish one. The lady showed me a casal size, but it was too expensive. She then showed a smaller one, with some color options. I picked the wine-colored one, and took it home. Im now thinking that my rede is a casal size, or only slightly smaller. Im almost on the ground when I sit or lay down, about a fists width up.

Mom and Dad, happy Silver Anniversary yesterday!
I have some bad news. My package got nabbed by the Correios again. Those oinkers! This time I know the deadline, so I will get it for sure. Im planning on going this Friday after the wedding to get it. And I will be paying R$162 just to pick it up. D: But at least it arrived and I know where it is. I still have plans to send a package to you guys. Since Bom Jardim is a little scary and dangerous, they dont have many fancy things here. :( Back to centro we go!
If you need an answer really soon, I would probably go with come home and return later. Depending on the Mission President, I might not be able to get released here, and that means that I still have to obey the mission rules. :( Not the most fun when your family goes to the beaches in Brazil. so my answer: Christmas break.
Real fast. Mom, Im doing really great! I wash my own clothes in my own house. :) Every apartment has a washing machine, and none of the missionaries get air conditioning, just a fan. We even have to clean our own house! (dang, unfair. :D )
Alisha, Im so sorry that your turtle died! :( I hope you can find a replacement turtle really fast!
Sarah, when you get back I hope you had a really great time in Michigan! Sounds like a lot of fun! I will talk to you when you get back? :)

Ah dang, Im out of time. I think I have to send a ton of pictures next week. I will talk to you guys next week! Love you all!
~Elder Wille

Hey Dad, I was wondering if you could do something fancy with a scanner somewhere and email me the music for Phantom of the Opera on piano via attatchment? Elder Savaryn was studying music as his major in Argentina, and hes never heard it, much less played it. Would you be willing to send that to me? Thanks!
I hope your arm gets better. That trip to Hansens must have been a huge nightmare. Did they have any adult supervisors besides the clerk?

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