Monday, July 8, 2013

News news news!

Wow, here I am again at the LAN House! Its another bright and sunny day here in Bom Jardim, Fortaleza! Probably 90 degrees outside with a scorching sun effect. :) I love Brazil.

So, they had the preparations for the World Cup a week or so ago, its called the Confederations Cup. Brazil went in the finals against Spain, and they won 3-0!!! Yay! I was in a Priesthood meeting at the stake center, but you could hear when Brazil scored. The first goal was a miracle, and then Spain almost made a goal, and one guy booked it to the goal and saved the day. It was incredible. (I watched the highlights the day after during lunch)

Okay, so we had a baptism!!! [name redacted], and I had the honor of baptizing her. :D It was a bit sad though, cause almost nobody was there. We tried to let lots of people know, but there was an activity at the stake center. :( Ah well, she was confirmed yesterday during Sacrament meeting.

Okay, sorry that I forgot to tell you about my companion! He's from Argentina, Buenos Aires, and lives 15 or 20 minutes away from the Temple. His parents are divorced, both members of the church, and they have 2 older daughters and Elder Savaryn. He talks VERY fast and sometimes people dont understand, so he gets a bit nervous and explains even faster what he said earlier. :S but its only once in a while, and hes getting much better. He speaks castellano (with LL being SH) and uses vos instead of tú. Its been great, and I still have at least one more transfter with him. :) We had our transfer meeting today, but I didnt have to go.
Sarah, one of our Zone leaders (Elder Quadros) saw the pictures of your graduation that Dad sent, and he says that he wants to marry you. :) Everybody here says you look like a model, youre super pretty, etc etc etc. :) They are very highly complimentary of you. :)

Hey Dad, could you send two copies of the missionary wakeboarder? I want a copy for myself and one to put in the Mission Office. :D If they let me, that is.
That faceplant sounds like it was massa! (super cool) But I bet it didnt feel that way... :S Is it possible to send it to me through email?
I also think that Facebook is a rather dangerous option for missionaries. Its hard enough that bad things jump out at you on the street. Im thinking they have pretty strict rules about where you can go on facebook. I dont get to use it, so its just speculation.

Mom, I did get the letter you sent last time, thank you so much! The way you say não sounds like Now, but you have to nasalize it. It will sound pretty much exactly the same to you guys, but it makes a difference here. One example, bread and piece of wood. Pão and pau, they have identical sounds, but one is nasalized. (your bakery goods are weak, old man)
Our address is something like Avenida Oscar Araripe #2600 more or less. Its a condominium and its right next to a motel, (Motel Stop) across the street from a supermarket called Araripe. (ah-dah-DEE-pee)
Ah, so they eat guabiru in Thailand? Thats great!... Ive seen a good number here, thankfully not in our house. Just a few catitas.

Ive been dreaming of those 4th of July waffles... :( well, not really, but I still have a slight hankering for them. I will have to make a list of things I want to eat in the first few days at home. :D :D    5 guys, nacho supreme... Im going to stop there... :(

Well, I gotta be going now. The big news was our baptism, and she was taught by the other missionaries. but we have a wedding coming up on the 19th!
Love you all! Have a very excellent week! Stay safe and strong!

~Elder Wille

P.S. Hey Mom and Dad, when you guys book stuff for the trip here, make sure you get a nice fancy Motel for us! :D.... Im kidding. Motels here are SUPER bad. People go there to break the 7th, so its a very high level of iniquity. And we live next door! :( and the guy who owns the motel is the owner of our condo. Uh oh...

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