Monday, July 22, 2013

Me again! 22-7-13

Hello family! I recieved my package from the Correios! It was rather interesting. We went to get it, and I assumed that a passport is pretty much good for everything, and even a photocopy of a document is pretty common in Brazil. I left with only my photocopy passport, thinking it was all i needed. I was wrong. The guy at the counter was a real stickler about identity, and not in the best mood. The identity that he wanted had to be one given in Brazil, and specifically wanted a document called a CPF, and said that "all Brazilians have one." Well gee, Im not Brazilian, am I? I called Elder Savaryn over, who thankfully brought his Brazil Federal Police thingy with him. That didnt do either. I didnt even know what a CPF was, and it seemed like it was the only thing the guy would accept. Anyway, after him asking a few questions to other employees, he put in a code and it worked. I got my beloved package!
Okay, so before the Correios incident, we got [name redacted] and [name redacted] married. It was quick and slick and insencere, more or less. We took pictures, and left. My computer isnt reading either of my cards, so I have a mountain of pictures to send. :(
Before I continue, lots of members have been commenting that [name redacted] has the qualities of a leader in the church, and that he most likely will be a leader in the near future. He helps carry chairs and put them away for the classes held outside. They are really heavy, probably 25 pounds each, and he helps more than the members do.
Okay, back to the story. Saturday, we had the baptism! But I was severely disappointed. We marked it for 6h in the evening, and when the hour rolled around, there was nobody there, just a ward missionary. A few minutes later, the family and another member showed up, but the church was still empty. I felt like Id been hit by a train. The day we marked the wedding was in June, and they were married this last Friday, and we had announced that we had a baptism of a family coming up since that June, about a months time. Also, the ward hasnt had a complete family baptized in quite some time, so it should be extra special, right? Yes, so special that nobody bothered to show up and show their support for probably the most significant baptism in 3 months. We changed clothes and took pictures to spend the time that people take getting there. Finally we had enough people to begin. Elder Savaryn baptized [name redacted], [name redacted]'s son, and I baptized [name redacted]. [name redacted] passed the interview, is super ready for baptism, but for some reason just doesnt want to be baptized. The interview was No, I dont want to be baptized, yes i know this yes I believe that, yes, yes, yes yes yes yes yesyesyesyes, no I wont be baptized. It was really odd. So she didnt get baptized, shes waiting for the desire to come again.
we finished the baptism with maybe 20 people. Huge disappointment.
The OM (organização das Moças) or YW had an activity called Missionary Week. I thought it was a brilliant idea. They took the young women and paired them up, gave black nametags with Future Sister on it, and sent them off to live the life of a full time missionary for 2 days. Up at 6h30, study, hit the pavement, lunch, pavement again, home, bed. It was slightly altered because Bom Jardim is dangerous at night. In house at 7 instead of 9, and they even had a snack provided before going to bed. Lucky them! They slept in other members' houses to complete the experience, and visited only less active and inactive members.
On tuesday, we gave a presentation of missionary life to them with a Q &A, which was great. "What?? No music? No cell phone? Im gonna die!"
Thursday night, we had nothing to do, so we went to the chapel. The girls had just finished their first day, I think 8 of them were there at the church. They were absolutely dying after just the first day. I read a few scriptures of encouragement to some of them. I felt a bit sorry for them, coitadas (pobreziñas) but I also kinda laughed a little bit inside. One girl who wants to serve a mission and is preparing to go said "How are you guys able to do this? I have so much more respect for you guys now." I didnt realize the mission field was so hard without having the special blessings of being set apart. Really, the Lord qualifies who He calls. Its hard at first, but He shapes the back to fit the load, and it is nothing less than a perfect fit.
Aw phooey, I have to end. I hope you liked the stories! They are 100% true, and home grown in Good Garden! Until next week!
~Elder Wille

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