Monday, September 30, 2013

Training Again

Hi Hi Family! I got moved. :( I was really sad to leave Palmares, but it also means that I completed what there was to be done there. :) Im now in the (more or less) rich part of town! My area is called Montese (Mohn-TEZ-ee) and the house is VERY clean. :D I also happen to live in the same house as the assistants to the president. :O I cant fubecar anymore. (slack off)

So, like the title says, Im going to have another son! And itll be my first American companion since the MTC. Ive had just about all there is here on the mission. Brazilian, African, (Cabo Verdiano) Argentinian, Paraguayan, and finally, after a year (one year exactly to the day) I get another American. :) October 2 2012 is when I left Elder Meeks, and October 2 2013 is when I get my new son! :) Massa, né?
So he is only half my son, em verdade. I know all this stuff because he already passed the first 6 weeks of training in the US somewhere and was delayed because of the visa. So, I get to show him around and complete Lukes training. Er, I mean the Elders... :D

Okay, story time! We closed the month with less baptisms than we wanted and planned for, but we still beat out the zone leaders. In the end, we had 9 baptisms just in the month of September. And then I got transferred.
Another story. So we baptized [names redacted], and they are just strong and powerful. [name redacted] smoked right before the baptismal interview, but had repented sufficiently to be baptized. Then we saw and guessed that he smoked twice more in the week between then and the confirmation, so we called President Souza as to what we should do. He gave us the jurisdiction to interview him and see if he had repented. If he confessed, we could confirm him. If not, it has to wait. He not only confessed, but also told his wife that he had smoked and wrote in his agenda to talk with the Bispo about it. Now, hes just firm as a rock. That couple has really come far in the Gospel. They dont just follow it, they actually live it. [name redacted] was in tears when we passed to say goodbye after the transfer call. She gave a powerful testimony that none of our work would ever be forgotten, that they would be strong and help lots of other families become strong too. She often said that there is nothing she can do to repay the changes we made in her family. Personally, I think theyre already doing it. Thats all I want in thanks, just pay it forward, share it with others, because I know how important and cherished this Gospel is. As Paul puts it, Its the power unto salvation of man. Romans 1:12, I think.

A weird thing has happened. I have developed this 'thirst' for reading the scriptures, especially the New Testament. Im also reading Jesus the Christ, which is absolutely fantastic! Ive never before had this 'thirst,' but its a welcome change more or less. Sometimes I just want to read instead of preach, but I cant do that. Theres people out there waiting for me.

Oh, I almost forgot. I continue being district leader in addition to training. :) Here we go!

Alas, I have forgotten my memory card. I think even Neville would be surprised. :P

Dad, your trip sounded like so much fun! Im so glad that you were able to sneak one in! I think thats one more trip that we have to add to the list of when I get back. :) You guys got very muddy, must have been a most excellent adventure.

Mom, you can really stop worrying about me now, cause Im living with the assistants. :) They're right up there with the President, the highest position of leadership possible for a full time missionary. I will be looked after very carefully. :) As for the package, could you send some AA bateries? The ones here are almost all garbage. I think 8 would last a good while for me. I still have AAAs, so Im all good there. Um... A raspberry scone mix? :D Those ones were the best ever! Thank you so much!

Sarah, how is life treating you? I havent heard much news from you, are you doing okay? :) Hows Hayden? Do you have any fun plans to go and do something crazy fun? Just remember how much I love and miss you! :)

Alisha and Toddy, hows the grown up life for you guys? How are you liking your new jobs? Elder Galli, from Argentina, would get along great with you guys, cause he likes to fart next to people. :D Hope you get a kick out of that. :) Im in my fourth area! Its crazy town here, they almost dont have places to use the internet! And they have planes landing a few miles away, they fly overhead every 15 minutes or so. (trunkeza!!!) But its all cool here.
Last question. When am I going to become an uncle? ;P

Well, this letter is getting pretty long, and my time is short. Bye for now, I will give you all the big details next week when I actually know some. :D Love and miss you all! Have a very interesting week!

~Elder Wille

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