Monday, March 10, 2014

Benfica 10-3-2014

Carnaval has ended, the people are waking up from the stupor, and things are getting back to normal.
This week was an off one, we had pretty low numbers, but we renewed our vision and goals, regrouped our forces, and we are going to rock this last week of the transfer! Today we asked a referral (referência não é reference??) and we are going to find one at six o´clock today!

Well, I dont have a lot of news for you guys. We are going to baptize [name redacted] this week! Hes 12, lives pretty far away from the chapel, but Irmão Mário, our ward mission leader, takes him by taxi. The next week, we have [name redacted] scheduled to be baptized! He was a referral from a member, awesome guy. His dream is to own a red Harley Davidson. He has a bit of depression, so we are going to help him with the talk from Elder Holland, and I hope it will help him out.
Carnaval wasnt too bad, there were just some people throwing flour around. In Rio, I hear the women walk around without clothes on, so maybe it would be better to avoid Carnaval there... If I heard right, they even blindfold the Cristo Redentor statue every year.
The church sends the youth to a campout type thing, probably something between youth conference and EFY, and lots of people go on vacation.

So Dad, guess what I did this last week! The sisters scheduled 5 (!!!) interviews for me to do Saturday night, starting at 17h until it was time to go home. Two didnt even show up, and we still got home a little late. I did one of the missing ones the next day, and they had 3 baptisms!

Could you let Joana know that I sent the letters through the mission office and is should arrive with the Elders? I thought it would arrive sooner. She can cobrar the Elders for the letter. :) I hope it gets there soon!
That is super awesome that you won Todd at racquetball, despite the disadvantageous situation! One does not simply dethrone the king of Wille-Turpin racquetball. :)
Something to make you trun-kay trun-kay trun-kay, I come home in 4 months, 4 days, and maybe 4 hours. :D

Mom, could you send me a recipe for Au Graten Potatos? And no, I didnt get the recipe for the beans and pumpkin, but I think I know how to make it. They use a pressure cooker. ;)
The closest temple is in Recife, its something like 10 to 12 hours away by bus, and they spend 5 days to a week there.
Oh sorry, its not just caipira flavored, its caipira hen flavored ramen. :) Hillbilly chickens!

Well, sorry it wasnt a very newsy week. Im sure this next week will be better! Até mais, que Deus cuide de vocês!

~Elder Wille

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