Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Carnaval in Benfica 3-3-2014

Hello Family!

Yes, this week is Carnaval, I think it started on sábado and ends on quarta-feira. (Saturday through Wednesday) The roads are pretty much deserted 80 percent of the time, and theres not lots of horrible stuff going on, just some drinking and dancing, and people throwing flour on each other.

I think about home every now and again, but I dont have that burning desire to come home. (yet) A lot of the time I think I just act and play it up. But really everything seems normal. Or maybe I really am trunky. :S hahaha Yep, I did get a haircut. :)
Pablo is a bit taller than me, por volta de duas polegadas amais, so he is taller than anyone in our family. He feels better around us americans, cause then he doesnt feel super freakishly tall. :)
Ah yes, he wanted me to tell you guys that at the acampamento sem internet, he won a spot in the Temple Caravan for free!
So, Elder Benitez is in revolution from the food here. He doesnt like beans, can you believe it? From Puerto Rico? nossa, como que pode?
Also, we are planning to take a picture with some kids this week and send it to you. There are SOOOO many adorable little kids here! Luna, Duda, and Brenda all under 7 years old. Duda (short for Eduarda) is 4 and can hold an intelligent conversation, its quite incredible and stinking cute!

Mom, everything in the package was completely edible and delicious! :) The cookies were sealed in plastic, so they stayed pretty fresh. And no thanks on the ramen, they actually have more flavors here than in the states! (pizza, galinha caipira, calabreza, taco mexicano, picanha)
Oh, could you send the generic athletes foot anti fungal cream from Walmart in the package? Im running low, but not because of athletes foot. (or trench rot, thankfully)
The mattresses in Brazil are okay, but I have a better idea! I will just sleep above all the mess na minha rede!
Its kind of funny about the food. I started to get a little tummy like dads, but its going away. I learned how too! Eat less of the really good stuff. :) I love the food here, even if it is repetitious. On Saturday, I had the most wonderful thing in the world! Feijão branco with pumpkin pieces in it! (White beans, and Mom Im sorry to say that I dont think great northern white are quite the same)
Our next transfer will be one day before your birthday! :( So I will probably be a little later that day to email.

Also, I was talking to Junior, (who wants to be a US semi driver) and he knows about Fold3!!! He loved the Vietnam Memorial page with the picture of the entire memorial. He was very impressed.
I bet youre super excited to try out the new wakeboard! If Pablo were to wakeboard, he would use the smaller one, can you believe it? Hes lighter than 150 pounds.

So sorry, Im short on time! I love you all, hope that this week will be more eventful than the Ghost town Im working in this week! :) Have a lovely Carnaval!

~Elder Wille

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