Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First P-Day

Hi everyone!

So I got a few emails asking for my mission address, I guess that hasn't come yet. They had us write a small letter with information about letters and packages and stuff. I can't remember the address myself, but there is this other great way to write me. It's the Mission Ties thing, and it does cost some money, but I think it's worth is. It's about $1.15 to send a letter from here. :( Dad, could you forward my emails to the family and such?

I'm doing just great, and I'm so glad you guys are already recieving blessings from my serving a mission. I feel blessed because they feed us really well down here. I love most of the CTM's food, and they give you a lot. Do you remember the Guarana soda from Braza Express? They have a fountain drink machine with that in it. :)

I only have 30 minutes in the lab to write, so I have to be fast. Today was my first P-Day, and it was great! We went with one of our instructors to a Churrascoria, the real Tucanos in Brazil. :D it was fabulous, but they didn't have the grilled pineapple.
My companion is from Illinios, and he's a great guy. We have our rough areas, but I think everyone does. He's doing very well on the language. Nobody in my district knew any Portuguese when we first came down, and only a couple took any Spanish. The class I took was a great investment. I also had Brazilian Roommates that left for their areas this morning. They're great guys, all of them were super funny. I got pictures of most of them, plus a few neighbors. :) I'll send them as soon as I can. They won't let me send pictures through here, but Mission Ties will let me, with a package that is not the most basic one, or something like that.

I was wondering if you could do me a favor. Terra gave me a letter and didn't have any of her information. Could you email me her address and email address so I can write to her? Thanks.

Well, that's about it. I'm using my Portuguese a lot, and I can understand most Americans who speak it. Brazilians are a whole different story. I hope you guys are doing okay without me, and I'm sorry I can't reply to each of your emails, but I really appreciate them. I have to go now, but I want you to know that I love you guys very much! I'll be back in no time with a sweet accent. :)

~Elder Wille

P.S. What is the CTM's elevation?

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