Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hi Family!
Well, the days are starting to go by really fast now. They're a bit monotonous, and I'm about to the point where I look forward to P-Days and Sundays to keep my sanity. Almost, not quite. :) It's hard to believe I'm 1/3 to 1/2 the way through the training! I've enjoyed it very much. :)
Mom, you asked about how to say the President and his wife's name, it sounds like Dane, or Great Dane. ;) They're really good people, everyone loves them.
I just got over being a little sick, there's a nasty respiratory virus being passed around. Sore throat, cough, etc. It was a challenge to get to sleep, but it's passing now, thank goodness.
We've been teaching some investigators (it's really just instructors acting as ones) and this past week it was so cool. I felt the Spirit even while speaking my rocky Portuguese, and it was so strong! The guys name is Alexandre, played by Irmão Costa, and he's said he'd like to be baptized, but is pretty hesitant.
Already I've had experience with the Gift of Tongues after praying for it, and it was amazing! Things just pop into your head, and you know what you're supposed to say. I love it!
We started getting taught our Portuguese from Day 1, but it was basic stuff that I knew or almost knew, and all I had to do was un-plug the every day language and plug in the Gospel terms. We're about to where I can speak now, but the other Elders haven't had the practice and discipline of a college class and High school years, so they still struggle and look up stuff. It's hard for me as well, especially with my new Brazilian roommates. They talk so fast, and when asked if they could "Fala devagar" (speak slower) he says that he can't. :S It's getting better though, talking with native speakers helps so much.
I hope all is well, I know the Lord is with you guys, I think about you every day. I'll send more detailed letters in Mission Ties where I have all week instead of a half hour. I love all of you!

~Elder Wille

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