Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Dear Family,
You guys bought a camper?! Awesome! I can't wait to see it when I get back! It sounds like a very nice one, lots of creature comforts.
I'm sending a pretty detailed letter about the CTM snail mail, so I hope you can wait for a couple weeks for it to get there. I tried to add as much detail as I can, and I'll send it off later today.
When I read about Skeelee in the box of dirt, I groaned inside and laughed. That's just like her! She's super smart when she really wants to be. Maybe she just plays dumb for us. :)
All my stuff is in the hand written letter, so I'll let you get the whole experience when it gets there.
I love you all, I pray for you every day. May the Lord watch over and protect all of you.

~Elder Wille

P.S. Dad, I just remembered that I didn't get around to cancelling my credit card. When you have some time, would you be willing to help me with that? The card itself is on one of the middle shelves of the set that you made in my closet. It's the Platinum visa card.

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