Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One more thing

Hi Family!
Wow, time is starting to get going faster for me! The first few days were super slow, each one really felt like a week. Now they're going about normal speed. :)
We went to the Temple in Campinas today instead of the one in São Paulo. It's a very beautiful and magnificent building, and it was such a neat experience!
Thank you for all your letters! I really enjoy reading them all. Someone says that letters are missionary fuel. :) I have to agree with them.
I found out from someone that in Fortaleza, they don't have black beans, only pinto beans. I'm a little put out about that, but food is food. :) Another guy, Elder Cetraro, says that my Mission President is really laid back and completely awesome. On P-Days, to keep us busy, he lets the missionaries watch Disney movies! I'm so stoked to be out there and work to bring others to Christ. :)
So about Mission Ties, if you could sign up for that, I would really appreciate it. I'm not supposed to email friends, so snail mail is the only other option other than Mission Ties. I can send hand-written letters and specify the email address, and that's super nice. If that's okay with you, would you sign up? Thanks. :)
One more small request, would you be willing to look up Alex Richey's mission address on facebook for me? I'd like to write him now and again. :)
I have to be going now, but let everyone know that I love and miss them, and think about them every night!

~Elder Wille

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