Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hi everyone!
Another week has gone by, wow! I have just 20 days left here in the CTM, in three weeks I'll be up in the heat and humidity. :) It's a little humid here, but not as much as it will be when I get up to Fortaleza.
Mom, I don't get to print off the emails from the computer, sorry. :( I wish I could.
I'm doing just great! I'm sorry something happened with the mail this week, and I've re-sent last week's email. :) Hopefully you get to read it, and my snail mail letter gets there soon.
Not much has changed. They had cereal for breakfast twice this week instead of just once. I think that's really all the big news for now. On Mission Ties, I'll send some pictures I've taken, and a bigger letter. :)
I love you all, I hope you're doing well and everything is great up there, I miss you all very much!

~Elder Wille

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