Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hi Mom, Dad, Alisha, Todd, Sarah and Family!
I've sent my snail mail letter to you guys with the big details of the CTM. Not much has changed, so this letter will be kind of short. Maybe.
We went to the Churrascaria again today, and they had something Alisha would really love. It was a big ball of melted cheese, warm gooey delicious-ness. Mmmmm. :) They still didn't have the grilled pineapple, I have yet to see any of that here in Brasil.
If you guys want to hear something really cool, look up the Hino Nacional do Brasil on youtube, preferably a piano version. That's what we get to sing every Sunday evening at the fireside, with President Degn on the piano. It sounds like a carnaval song, and it's really fun.
We go to the Sao Paulo Temple every P-Day at 6:30, and that was really nice this morning. It was closed a few weeks ago for cleaning, so we went to the Campinas Temple. I only have pictures of that one, they wouldn't let us bring cameras after that. I'll hopefully send the card soon.
Mom, I haven't been able to ask the Degn's how long they'll be here. I'll see what I can do, though. Fortaleza is kinda far away from the CTM in Sao Paulo.
Dad, thanks for the tip on Mission Ties. The place is actually right across the street from the CTM entrance. :) But thank you anyway.
Oh, so one last funny thing. Almost every Brasileiro that I talk to notices my name and asks "Is that like Free Willie?" It was odd at first, but now I just take it in stride, and laugh with them.
I hope everyone is doing great up there, thanks for all your letters! I really enjoy hearing from everyone! I'll write again next week. Maybe something more exciting will happen by then. :) I love you all, may the Lord watch over and bless all of you.

~Elder "Free" Wille

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