Monday, October 15, 2012


Dear Family,
Time is kind of crawling again, but picking up. I think its just because I dont have a rhythm going yet. Its getting a lot better, and today I have an entire hour to email! I havent asked Elder Nascimento if we can do a set time for email on P-Day yet, I will do that this week. If so, I will see if we can do it at 11 or noon. With the time difference, hopefully it will be before Dad has to go to work.
Mom, my hair is acting pretty normal down here, despite the humidity. :) Its not curling, but maybe bring something just in case?
So I did get to meet my Mission President and his wife. Theyre really nice, I like them a lot. They live in a different building from the Mission Office (which is where all letters and packages should go ;) ) The Av. Santos Dumont one, I believe. As for emails, Elder Nascimento says its expensive to print stuff off. We use a LAN House, and I guess they can put whatever price they want for printing. Mission Ties, I dont have any information on login or passwords or anything. Im not allowed to send letters to you though, Im restricted to, so no picasa either.
I have pictures of the MTC and a couple from my first week on a CD, I have to send it tomorrow. Theres a Feriado (holiday) in my area, Caucaia. I hope it gets there really soon.
The food here is very mild, almost no hot stuff at all. We have lunch at members' houses almost every day, and sometimes they have a bottle of hot sauce or something, and most of them think Im crazy when I put it on. :)
We dont tract a lot, the work here is very accelerated. Its one of the highest baptizing missions in the world, and we almost had one yesterday after church. His name is Marcelo, 14 years old, and he lives with his family. I cant quite understand through the accent, so I dont know a whole lot about him and his family, sorry. He has 2 sisters and a younger brother. Marcela is 16, Francenilda is 12 or 13, and Francenildo is 10. His parents are Josenilda and Marcelo, but they arent married. We will get them there though. :)
Conference was pretty good, I missed some time during it, because of meals and Priesthood session was at 1 in the morning or something like that. Plus, it was all in Portuguese... A bit difficult to understand, and very different from what Im used to.
The place is closing at noon, so I gotta go. Dang it. Thank you for the stories, theyre really cool! sorry for no comments on them. the wedding sounded great! Gotta go, bye!
~Elder Wille

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