Monday, October 29, 2012


Dear Family,
My goodness! I only have 2 weeks left in this transfer! How crazy is that?? Im sorry last weeks letter got eated by the computer, Ive resent it.
I got the newest latest greatest package from Cheneys! Thank you guys so much!!!! I absolutely LOVE their cookies! And the bag of candy is super awesome! Its a bit weird, P-Day is Monday, and we get mail on Tuesdays, so its right after we send our letter for the week. :(
Mom and Dad, do you know how I can send pictures to Mission Ties? Get a print and mail that to them?
Okay, a few things in the letter from Alisha. Did they really recall the peanut butter? And mine is probably not safe to eat? :( I guess its a good thing I havent opened it yet. Ive thought about eating it more than once, guess its a good thing I havent yet. Next thing: Alisha, I didnt get your picture on Mission Ties. Was it on there or in a different letter on its way? And finally, Im so sorry to hear that Haley Stonehocker passed away, but Im glad she is with our Father and wont hurt anymore. Could you give her family my best wishes for me?
On a more happy note, I think Ive figured out a great way to deal with mosquito bites! When you feel that youve just been bitten, massage the area like you just went in for shots. My thinking is that Ive heard mosquitos have a pain-killer type stuff when they bite, but humans are a little bit allergic to it. Makes sense, my whole arm used to swell up sometimes at camp. Anyway, I thought if it was less concentrated, the bite would be less severe. I tried it, and I think it actually worked!
Mom, I have a nice little recipe for you. Its Pudim de Leite, a Sister in the ward gave it to me. Ah man, I cant remember if its 3 or 6 eggs, I think 3. 3 eggs, ~13 oz of sweetened condensed milk, and ~13 oz of regular milk. Beat in a liquidificador (blender) for a few minutes. In a pan that makes flan, or pudim de leite or something (Im pretty sure Grandma has one, maybe you could borrow it?) put 1 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of water, and boil over the stove. Dont mix it though, just let it sit. Then pour in the egg/milk mixture, bake at 350 degrees in a banha-maria (double boiler-type idea, a pan of water with the pudim de leite pan sitting in the water) this helps it not burn. Cook for an hour, I think. It should be a bit firm, and a knife should come out clean. I will double check and send it again next week with exact measurements and times to assuade your OCD. :D
A few weeks back, someone asked if Fortaleza was jungle. Its actually pretty deserty, surprise surprise, lots and lots of sand everywhere. It is very humid though, so its very interesting to live here. And I asked Elder Nascimento about when it starts cooling off. It doesnt. :O And Elder Nascimento says "Hi, whats up?" Mom, if you guys come to Caucaia, they have a Botanical Park that might be of interest to you and others. Oh, on a side note, I asked about family coming to pick me up, and they say its up to my mission president. And we are getting a new one a few months before I leave. :( Just an early heads up.
Dad, along with that picture to make me homesick, could you send a picture of Skeelee? I have one of everyone but her.
Trivia time. Sarah, remember how you named your Ipod Giuseppe? It means Joseph in Italian. 2nd, Brazilians pretty much as a general rule cant sing. Its...interesting. :)
Well, things are going pretty good. We werent able to confirm Marcelo and Francenilda. She didnt want to come to church, and Marcelo left early. (Sacrament meeting is last) Hopefully next week will work out. I will be sure to let you know about my investigators, your support would be welcomed very much. :)
Thank you for that story about the Temple, it was really powerful. Its just amazing some of the things that happen to people, it strengthens my testimony hearing about them.
Well, I think thats all I have for now. Id love to send pictures through Mission Ties since we have a package deal now. If you could let me know how I can do that, Id like it ver much. :) I pray for you every night, I know the Lord is with us all. He never fails, even in our weak places, He can help us when our defenses are down. We just have to come to Him. I know that The Church of Jesus Crist of Latter-Day Saints is true, that it was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I know our Heavenly Father lives, and that He loves us.

~Elder Wille

P.S. I had a thought during General Conference that maybe you guys could invite the Johnsons over for dinner, or Family Home Evening, or something, and it seemed like a good idea to me. Im sure theyd appreciate, at the very least, not having to prepare dinner. :) And before I forget, Happy Halloween!

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