Monday, October 29, 2012

Last Weeks Letter

Dear Family,
Question and answer time!
So about the garments, theres two reasons. First, a pair of my shorts ran off in the CTM, and now I have an extra garment top. And... theres rumor of a first area curse, by the name of Montezuma, and I thought he would come a-calling, but so far Im okay. No accidents yet.
I havent had a chance to look for a card reader, but at the LAN House, they have them built in.
Mission Ties, I thought you meant write a letter from the website to you guys. Oops. Yes, I can send one to the Mission Ties office and itll be much faster. :) I got some mission ties letters in Fortaleza. I think they take a bit longer since Im not across the street from Mission Ties office anymore.
I can view email attatchments now, I think. Just cant download them. LAN House rules vary from place to place, we are trying to find a steady place to go to every week.
Speaking of LAN House, I talked to Elder Nascimento and we can have a set hour at 10 or 10:30 or 2. Places close for lunch here. Its a 4 hour difference, so your time would be 6 or 6:30 in the morning, or 10 in the morning. Do any of those work for you?
Mom, Brazil doesnt celebrate Dia das Bruxas (Halloween) here. How sad is that?
I dont know when itll start to cool down, we are headed into "summer" and its always hot. I can find out for you if youd like.
So who was this girl that says Im hers? Cause over here, everyone knows of Free Willie, and Ive adopted the name, because I dont have a girlfriend, I dont belong to any girl. Im Free Wille. :D
Sounds like a lot of fun stuff has been happening, I wish I could comment on it all, but I have a number of things I want to say.
So, the first week, I found out that you can get a blister inside another blister. Yay, lucky me! But I learned a way to treat blisters really fast. Use cleaned thread and go all the way through the blister, clip it with ends poking out. it allows it to stay open and drain. :) Very useful.
Mom, something intresting I think youd like is Brazilian cuzcuz. Its pretty much corn flour and salt, but you steam it and it makes this thing to eat on the side of a meal. I think youd like it, maybe take a look on the net?
And Id like to thank you for teaching me to clean up the cooking area. It helped a LOT. It was driving me crazy, and I finally cleaned everything up, and its all nice and habitable for dishes! :) Im so grateful for your wise instruction.
Today, I had maracuj√° (Passion Fruit) for the first time. Its pretty sour, but it tastes good. It reminded me a bit of orange snot when I ate it, but I tried not to think about that. And its got a lot of seeds.
I sent a CD with pictures on it, finally! It takes 20 days to arrive there, and I sent it 3 days ago. I hope it gets there!
Oh, I have a question. Can my friends can use the mission ties as well? And mom, dont worry about paying for pictures on Mission Ties, Id have to risk sending my memory card and losing it in the mail. So just letters. :)
I did my first baptism yesterday! Yay!!!!!! "Maybe itll even be a double hangin' " Just kidding. Marcelo and his younger sister, Francenilda, both were baptized by me. :D I wanted to celebrate, by breaking my fast with my Fast Break candybar, but someone stole it out of the chapel fridge! D: I put it there to cool and solidify, and someone took it. I even put my name on it... Oh well. In my next package, whenever that is, could you send another Fast Break or two? And more root beer? That was super fantastic. :)
An Irm√£ (sister) in the ward wants me to make American Brownies for her. She says she'll buy the stuff if I make it. Mom, could you send me one of your really good recipes next week? And Im not sure if they have dark cocoa powder here, I havent looked, cause my area is HUGE. So one with changeable cocoa.
Im out of time, but could you send me that?
Thanks for everything! I will send more next week!

~Elder Wille

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