Monday, March 11, 2013

Ive Been Transferred

Yep, its true! After 5 months, 1 week and 3 days in Caucaia, I got transferred. I have no idea where I am, I kinda got lost on the drive over here. Someone said its close to Caucaia, so I guess Im on the West side of Fortaleza. (Im in the actual city now)
The name of my area is a bit odd, I cant remember it. But it has Homen in it, which is Man. The map on the wall says this area is pretty small, and in comparison with Caucaia, its teeny weeny.
So, some big surprises happened today at the meeting. Dad, I dont know for sure, but Im pretty sure you trained at least one missionary, yes? They announced the companionships, and one sister is training 4 (!!!) yes, FOUR new sisters, all by herself. 2 other sisters are training 3 each at the same time, and one sister is training 2. How cool is that??
Elder Barbosa is also training this transfer, in Caucaia. Seems to be a popular place huh? :)

So, my package got lost. Again. JUST KIDDING!!! Scone mixes? Holy baked goods Batman! Edinho loves the peanut butter. :) I very much enjoyed the pictures, which brings me to my next item. Im not allowed to visit websites other than the church ones. :( so sorry! The temple picture is perfect, thank you Dad! And those canyoneering pictures are super great, very funny! I look like a creeper in the canyon :D haha, though I dont think my suit would last one canyon. :)
A DVD of pictures would be fantastic! I dont seem to get homesick or trunky, at least not very easily. Maybe its the big area, I dont know.
Could the pink lemonade be in the can, like the root beer? Its for a member that I got to know, and missionaries have yet to bring pink lemonade. I'll sacrifice a root beer for it, to help with space and stuff, just substitute one for one in the next package. :) And for it to get there, I'll send it via other missionaries and the mission office.
For the Christmas presents, I used the money you put on my card. :)

Im so sorry to hear about Aunt Joyce! I hope that everything goes smoothly, that she recovers quickly. And Aunt Celinda too! I really hope she gets back to health quickly.
So I still have a wad of gauze on my toe, with medical tape. I have to change it every day, or go in to get it changed. We opt to go in, it really isnt a scary hospital. They have a pretty clean program, and its nice. You walk in, get it looked at to acess the risk, and wait until your name is called. Then they treat it, and you walk out. No payment, no fuss, the doctors do good work, and everything goes well. Interestingly enough, its a government program, State level. Maybe it works better at that level than Federal, but its more or less what Obama is wanting to do.
Being a flip flop missionary (missionĂ¡rio de chinela) is horrible. I much prefer shoes, its so much easier to walk. You dont get rocks and sand under your feet as easily. My old flip flops broke a while ago, I had to buy new ones.

About the being perfect, we had that lesson yesterday. With an imperfect body, its impossible to be perfect all around, but we should still try. The Lord didnt set a specific time, so that means it doesnt have to happen on the Earth, during mortality. On the other hand, if we dont do our best, we dont qualify and justice takes its part. Its a question of priorities, like many other things. Thats my take on it.

Oh yes, I havent really been telling my experiences of teaching and stuff, sorry about that. A quick recap, my converts are Marcelo, Francenilda, Auriana, Jackie, Thiago, Creuza, and Bruna. As for actual teaching... Im still kind of in the "Vomit words and phrases" but in appropriate places. Ive been working on this, so nothing really big has happened.

I think my time is up, I cant remember when I got on. Love you guys! Thanks for the package!

~Elder Wille

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