Monday, March 4, 2013

Time is Flying By

Wow wow wow! I have 7 months under my belt! Nossa! :)

Its kinda weird down here, they dont use last names very much, just on the important stuff like medical and legal. I have no idea of the last names of 80% of the church members. :S
Ah, speaking of medical... I went to the emergency room today... They took my toe! :P Okay, just part of it. I had an ingrown nail, and they took care of it. I will now be a chinela missionary (flip flop missionary)
Dad, my debit card is working. :) I just wanted to make sure that debit cards from the States still work in far-away countries where the sun turns you into Ita-pipoca. :) Pipoca is popcorn.
In my next package, if possible, would you be willing to send a can of pink lemonade? Theres a good friend here who's dying to try it, and its nowhere to be found here. Thanks!
Glad to hear that everyone is doing well, that nobody died on the canyon trip, that the creeper is still just creeping and nothing happened. Stay safe, the Lord is watching over you.
Ah, one more thing. Could someone pay tithing on that last check I recieved? Thank you!
News time,
Keep updated on the church news, very exciting things are happening! Like my mission being split. :) Fortaleza Oeste and Fortaleza Leste. Some missionaries are going to the new mission, we dont know who until the actual transfer. They told us to keep quiet about the division, so I didnt tell you guys. Church news is up to date though! :)
Sarah, Im so glad to hear that your wisdom teeth are better! Im sorry they gave you so much trouble! :( I hope you had fun in the canyon, even though stemming is scary. I still get a little anxious myself sometimes!
My package has been sighted! Its in the Mission Office, the Elders from Itapipoca saw it on the day of the District meeting, and said that it must have arrived just after the meeting. All is well, I will get it this Wednesday. :)
Time is up, I will talk to you all next week! Love you and pray for you!

~Elder Wille

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