Monday, March 25, 2013

A Few More Things - And a Few Pics. :D :D :D

Dear Family,

Wow, P-Day again? Actually, I wasnt doing so well with routine stuff, and I really felt it. Study is essencial here on the mission and off the mission too.
Ive attached a few pictures here, and I will send another with more pics. Here is my toenail extraction (Rated R for Blood and Gore, protect your knees!) and of Elder Couto, eating a gingerbread scone. I havent made the raspberry ones yet, but Im super excited for them. The new house here is much better equipped for cooking and stuff. Elder R Barbosa is still in Caucaia, and he got his stuff from the package. :) The cookies were mostly intact. A huge piece or two with crumbs and stuff. They were pretty mashed together though. :)
I found a new way to deal with cockroaches! The deodorant here is aerosol, and we have lots of matches... >:D They cant survive a lot of heat, so we turn it up high in here. It makes a cool loud roar, I will get a pic and send it next time. We have to find one to burn first.
Ive made a goal to only speak Portuguese, especially with American missionaries. I also think almost exclusively in Portuguese too. :) Sometimes, I have to process and translate in English, but its more rare.
Thats so cool that lots of the Young Women (or young single adult women?) are serving missions! We really need the extra forces, especially with so many divisions and growth. Its a very exciting time to be alive!
So, a typical P-Day. Wake up, get dressed (t shirt and bermudas) eat, study-ish, use the internet, watch a movie at the chapel, clean the house, sleep until 6. Then the day is a normal work day until 9. We shop for food too sometimes, grab a snack for the movie.
Mom, Im so glad you have a wonderful birthday! It sounded really fun and special! A member here just had a birthday too, and it was Tinkerbell themed! I got a few pictures. :)
For Easter, I think we'll have to take you up on that offer. 100 should be fine, I will let you know. :) Maybe I will buy some black beans. ;) They do actually have them here. Oh, and mom I learned a really good way to cook beans. I think youll like it. But you have to wait until I get back! :P hahahaha! could you look up what kind of beans Feij√£o Carioca is? Or ask Pete? Cause thats the good kind.
Ah, one little request. Could you send the brownie recipe again, but just through email? I didnt make copies, so I dont have the last one anymore. And my oatmeal coconut cookies? Thanks! :)
News time. That house that we found with two men inactive? We got someone to church. Francisca, whos about 70, but its someone! Kailani, the 9 year old girl was sick that day, so she didnt come. :(
We have a wedding planned for a couple, Zemaria (the husband) and Cilene! Theyre getting married on April 19th! And probably baptized the day after! Yay!!!
Thanks for all the news! Dad, I really liked your letter, thanks so much for the updates! I gotta go now, my hour is up, and I still have pictures to send. I love you all, and pray for you!

~Elder Wille

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