Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello! (de novo)

Man, these P-days have to stop coming around! I cant get anything done in the week! :) Just kidding, theyre a very big and welcome blessing. We cleaned pretty much the entire house today, and the quintal. (a yard, kinda) The critters really liked the weeds and plants growing there, so we took everything out. We did not, however, listen to the counsel of our beloved prophet and set fire to everything, to my great disappointment. :/
Dad, your projects are coming along nicely, it sounds! Glad the fridge works, cause it would be just terrible to not have ice cream after doing some canyons. ;) And Im glad that your battle wounds are healing up. I hope your hand starts to follow the same direction as the others.
That guy that got stuck in the canyon, I bet he had a bit of a scare. I thought he would have died before growing thin enough, but it all ended happy. :)
Thank you for the thrilling conclusion of the interview fiasco. :) Im happy that there was a third option that came along for you.
Wow, so much divorce! D: Thats really sad, Ive noticed here too that it pays to live the gospel. We were talking over lunch about how and why the poor stay poor. Its really very sad that theres so many problems these days.

Sounds like skype is going to be a bit more difficult this time around. Im thinking it will be a bit better for us after lunch. 12:30 or 1, but our schedule is more flexible than your guys'.
So, I forgot my camera. Again. Im so sorry! Im healthy again (less to worry about mom :D ) and doing really well. We taught Manoels son, Mikael, the Restoration. He has a date for the 5th, this next Sunday! After that, we only need the other son, Magnum, and then the family will be complete! Magnum is a little more on the rebelious side. Could you keep him in your prayers? Thanks!
Silene didnt make it to church this Sunday, so only Lucieuda was confirmed. We hope for the coming week. Also, we are trying to teach her husband Zemaria and son, Jefferson. Lots of prayers would be very appreciated!

Well, a little about my week. We taught a girl (if you can call 18 or 19 years old a 'girl') the Restoration, and at first she just wanted to hear the message, no commitments or anything. By the end of the discussion, we asked her to pray about it, and ask if it was true. Guess what? She accepted the commitment. :)
Well, I think thats about all the big news. Smaller news, Im going to try to rewire a light outside on the quintal that doesnt work. I think its just a broken wire in an accessable place, so I plan on just replacing it. If that doesnt work, we will probably just leave it. It never worked anyway.
Ah the rain. We are still getting rain, a good shower maybe every 3 days, including today, a maximum of 45 minutes and sun right after. Its nothing like Utah rain though, I miss those big storms that drop lots of water for a week at a time.
Manoel wants to take us out to eat Argentine Picanha for a second time. (picanha is a very tender, very savory cut of beef with a big ribbon of fat on the side) We've already had pizza with him twice. He found a great blessing in the gospel, and is in turn blessing the messengers who found him. :)
The food with Grandma and Frank sounds absolutely delicious! The closest thing we have to squash and zucchini is Pumpkin in the beans every once in a while. I actually really like it, it puts a good flavor in them.
Mom, Carioca beans here are R$6 for 1 kilo. ($3 for 2.2 lbs) Lets load up the suitcases!

Well, thats all I can think of thats worthy to write. It was a pretty average week overall. Just doing the work as best I can, even when its hard to get out of bed and walk. We recieve many blessings for being obedient, and when we obey, our Father always has a prepared path for us.

~Elder Wille

So, I came up with 2 things, and if everybody did them, it would eliminate 85 to 90 percent of the worlds problems. isnt that great?? Just two! Stay tuned next week for the answer, and you can take guesses in the meantime, if youd like. :)

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