Monday, June 17, 2013

And Up We Go! 17-6-13

Hello Family! One of these days, I want to write an entire letter in Portuguese, or Cearence, but then it would be more difficult for you guys.
This weekend was Fathers' Day? Golly, I had no idea. :S Happy Fathers Day Dad! I hope it was good, and things went really well! Im assuming that Yuba was in celebration of it? I LOVED the collage. Alisha, parabéns por pegar ar no wakeboard! (congratulations for getting some airs on the wakeboard!) By the time I get back, youll be better than me! :D Todd, I think the slalom course is the next lake over. ;) I thought that was really funny, and Im very impressed with your mad hops. Sarah, youre looking so good and pro! Did you have fun? Dad, youre getting really high up too! I think youll definitely be better than me. I hope I dont forget completely... :( Has Hayden been wakeboarding before, with his adventurous family?
So, whats with all the wet suits? It wasnt cold, was it? ;D Im so excited to be on the lake again, next year, though. Its coming up!
Dad, I think I died inside with just the description of the Homemade rappel gear. Thanks for sharing the news, adventures and stories, even if there isnt much.

Alisha, it was so good to hear from you! Thank you for writing to me! Im so glad you enjoyed the movies that I recommended. :) You guys will have to keep a list for me, and watch all the good ones with me next year! :)
Im glad that in spite of all the drama and house guests that you guys are doing great! Life sounds like a grand adventure for you guys, and I hope that you find a really good job that you like. :)

Sarah, I FINALLY got your letter done. :D Im so very sorry it took so long! :( :( Im sending it off today, for sure. How have you been doing? How was your trip with Hayden's family? And Yuba? Hayden looks like a really nice guy! Is he, by chance, related to Andrew Swenson? They look a lot alike. :)

Okay, news of the area. Things are going so much better now. I remember just about everything about teaching, and we have 2 families that are just about to be baptized.

[I've deleted a fair amount of personal information about Josh's investigators. Suffice it to say, he has a lot of people to teach, and they are progressing. The work is going really well for Josh.]

The ward Palmares is known for being huge. Our frequency last week was 175, which had fallen from 206, so the Bishop had a meeting to get more people there. Yesterday, we went from 175 to 235!!!! 50% growth! We are also receiving tons of referrals, most of them little kids, but its better than a ward that doesnt help at all. :) Lots of work to do, and not enough time in the evening!
Well, Im out of time. :( I will talk to you all next week! Im thinking that I wont have many movie opinions, Elder Savaryn would rather sleep than watch a movie in the chapel. Anywho, thank you all for your prayers, I know they are working! Its so strange to think that next year Im coming home. Keep strong in the Gospel, its the only way to find true happiness. Serve one another, forgive and forget, and all will be well in the end.

~Elder Wille

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