Monday, June 3, 2013

Training inPalmares

Hello everyone!
Well, Im mostly settled in my new area, Palmares. The ward is HUGE! and very barulhento. (noisy) It has an attendence of 190 or so members, and a great majority are youth and Primary! Oh goody! The custom here in Brazil is a little different. I noticed basically the same thing in Caucaia and Ômega/Boatan. The parents usually just let their kids run around together during Sacrament Meeting. The leadership is trying to help everyone be a bit more reverent, cause its VERY hard to have a good spiritual experience when the speaker is half drowned out.
On the up side, the members are very excited, very happy, and they work with the missionaries. They give out referrals pretty frequently, which is nice. I like those a lot better than contacts.
My new companion arrived on Tuesday, his name is Elder Savaryn. (as Elder Villalba put it: boa sorte) Hes from Buenos Aires, Argentina and super close to the Temple. He has a very thick accent, (all the Y sounds make a SH when he talks) and a lot of times I have a hard time understanding him. Brazilians have an even harder time, so we will see how it goes. Also, he plays violin and piano, and is teaching spanish to people on Saturday mornings. Right before I got here, there was another Argentine who was doing almost the same thing as him! (piano, spanish classes)
Dad, I looked at the Trainers manual, and it says it was published in 2011 or something like that, so the training program must be pretty recent. Just in case youre interested.
Okay, I have a few stories for you guys.
So I was eating lunch with some members, and I heard a familiar voice, or music or something. I thought nah, it cant be. I looked and they were watching Dr Who on DVD! the less-funny-9th doctor, but still the doctor. :)
Mom and Dad, do you remember that ancient movie on VHS called Alaska? Where theres a dad, son, and daughter that crash in a small yellow plane, the dad stays in the plane wreck, the kids fall out or something and later find a polar bear cub? Then they rescue the dad? Last week in my other area, that movie was passing on TV! I groaned at the knot they used to descend. :S hahaha.
I found a place that I think you guys might be interested in visiting down here. Its called Jericoacoara. Its like Paradise in Brazil, one of our ward leaders showed us some pictures. Its so beautiful!
Today we are going to watch Wreck-it Ralph (Detona Ralph, day-TONE-ah HAU-fee) again, but in English this time. The little girl was too hard to understand in Portuguese, and it was so good that I wanted to watch it a second time anyway. :D Highly recommeded for anyone.

The small and fast package hasnt arrived yet. It will probably come on Wednesday though. :)
Dad, that dream sounds super awesome! You should definitely send it to New Line Cinema. People all over the world will watch it over and over again! You could make a package deal with the chips the freeway that the guy was dropping too!
Portland sounds like itll be pretty enjoyable! Do you have plans to visit the temple while you're there? That would be really enjoyable while youre more or less close to it. :)

Unfortunately, Im out of time. I love and miss you all! I'll bring back some Mormon coffee for everyone to sample when I get back. (Im slightly addicted...)

~Elder Wille

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