Monday, June 10, 2013

News from Palmares

Hi everyone! Its Elder Wille VIII, if I counted the sons correctly. :D
Well, training is going a lot better. My first week, I pretty much forgot everything that I learned in the field. I couldnt even get a practice to go right, my mind was just blank. Thankfully Im putting things back together and teaching again.

So there is one thing with Jericoacoara, its a bit of a walk to get there. I cant remember exactly how long, so I will ask the guy who went there and let you know next week. Or you could look on Google, either one works. :)
I would guess the same thing, that Rio is #1. Fortaleza is also a big tourist spot. I learned more in detail about another thing that might be fun. Its called Beach Park, and entry is R$100, or $50 a pop. Beach Park is a HUGE water park, something like the second biggest in the West. It has one of those tall free-fall water slides, and you cant look down on it. You have to keep your head back, or youll fall out of the slide and die. Fun huh?? You actually come off the slide for a bit, Ive heard. :)

Elder Brandley and Perschon are coming home already?? Man, they just barely left. Where is Deven going again? I forgot. :S Elder Perschon was in a seminary class of mine at Maple Mountain, and we chatted a few times. Hes cool, gente boa. Elder Brandley I didnt get to know very much, but hes cool too. Good to know that people are leaving and coming back, it helps keep the balance. :)

I think that camping trip hit the trunky spot. All that delicious, American, chemically treated food, the adventures. The closest I come to camping is sleeping in a rede. (it sounds like hedge, a hammock) I dont even have that anymore either... Ah well.
Yuba is another thing that I look forward to. Hey, when I get back with my rede, I can rig up a frame for it and sleep out on the beach like a tropical paradise! :D its a lot more comfy than the other one.

Hey Dad, which ward is Pricila from? Theres one here in Palmares, and one in Caucaia. Im thinking the latter, there havent been many pictures of me here, or even cameras. (theres lots of petty theft in Bom Jardim)

I did indeed get a kick out of the blurb from Molli and Lydia. :) Thanks for the pictures, the quotes (I really like those, they help a lot) and the news thats happening around the house. :)

Next week, I will include a picture of our apartment buddies and us too, todos juntos. Elder Patino and Elder Almeida live with us, from Ohio and Minas Gerais respectively.
Mom, I didnt get your letter in time to respond to it, Im sorry! Im alive, Im well, and Im taking a test today at UFC, a school thats doing research on Americans learning Portuguese.

And now, I have to go, I love you all! Have a fun time without me at Yuba (another thing Im really missing) and other adventures!
Obrigado, saudade de ti, pai.
~Elder Wille

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