Monday, August 12, 2013

New Week

I only have one more week as a trainer. I cant believe that I made it so fast!
Im sorry, but this week wasnt all that exciting. We baptized a lady, [name redacted], who was prepared since day 1. Her goal wasnt baptism, its being sealed in the Temple. The only problem is that her husband works every Sunday last month and this month. D: She was confirmed the next day, yesterday. Bispo Rogério baptized her, and Mateus Duarte confirmed her, with Elder Savaryn participating.

Im editing pictures, and it took a long time to figure out how to do it. Sorry!

So, I went to the podologo to get my toes taken care of. They cut my nail with a razor blade (moms favorite!) and took out the side of the nail, maybe a 16th of an inch. One of them, the one I thought was better, had a HUGE piece attached. One of the nurses commented that this one deserves a picture. Im doing a lot better now. The downside is what happened after. The mission pays for things like this, but not at the start. You have to get a receipt and get reimbursed for the trip. Luckily and unhappily, I had just taken out a bit of money to celebrate one year, and had to give it all up. R$130 just for two little sides of nail. D: Oh well, this next mesada is going to have more than R$200 waiting for me. :)

We are still helping [name redacted] to overcome his addiction to cachaça and cigarettes, which is cigarro. (Cigar is charuto) He isnt a golden investigator, hes a diamond investigator, and we found him all on our own! Well actually, he found us. :) Two Sundays ago, he wanted to buy us pizza after the meetings, but we had to stay and play the piano for the other ward's Leadership meeting, or something like that. We hadnt taught the Sabbath day to them yet, and I was a little glad to have the excuse, even though I really wanted pizza... :(

We have Zone Conference, and the entire mission is going to be there, and then after that is Transfers. I have the feeling that I will be leaving Palmares, but who knows? All will be well. I hope you are all in good health, having a great time! Dad, thanks for telling me about your trip to Jackson Hole, I really enjoyed that. I gotta go now, Bye!

~Elder Wille

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