Monday, August 19, 2013


Hi all! I got some biggish news for you guys!

First, we finished the transfer, and we got the call. The training period is only 12 weeks, or two transfers, so the training ended. Im no longer a trainer. Elder Savaryn got transferred, and I stay here in Palmares. Im happy but sad for him. Sad because he loves his first area, the people here are really loving, he got an adopted mom on the mission, etc etc etc. But Im happy because he did a most excellent work, and now his mission really begins. He gets to have so many experiences now, in Novo Araturi, (NOH-voo ah-dah-too-DEE) and the growth will just explode for him. He learned what he needed to in half the time that it took me. In the beginning, I knew he had a huge potential, and at the end, he has so much more than I first thought. Brazil Fortaleza mission is very lucky to have him on their side.
Everyone was thinking that I would return to train again, and it is possible, but it wasnt to be. I will tell you in the next paragraph.

About the things going on this transfer: I got called to be a District leader! :D yay! lots of my friends/previous companions are also advancing. Elder R Barbosa AND Elder Villalba are Zone Leaders!!!! And Elder Bonds, my district leader before this transfer! Props to them, Im so happy!
Okay, my new companion is Elder Tamanho, or Elder Size being translated. Hes from Curitiba where it gets really cold, theres frost and stuff, but rarely snows. His family is all from the church, converts I believe, and he has 2 brothers. I will ask the details this week and fill you guys in.

In regards to my toes, the podologo wants me to go in tomorrow for a checkup, and then a couple days later to put an aparelho... device or doohickey.. on my toe to help it grow normally and not cause problems. Aparelho is a rather odd word, they use it to describe 1) braces, 2) retainer, AND 3) DVD player. And 4) this thingy they want to use on me. Im thinking its some kind of retainer, R$35 reimbursable moneys. I finally got to do something fun to celebrate. We wanted pizza, but the oven had a problem, so we bought two giant Pasteis. Its a false cognate of spanish, salty fried goodness instead of sweet. Its basically a thin flat piece of dough that they put some filling (ground beef, ham and cheese, just cheese, etc) and then fold it in half and seal the edges, and fry it. You can look it up for more details, just search pastel de queijo, pastel de carne do sol or pastel misto. We also had açai, which is incredibly tasty. :D Mom, you would like it, it tastes a bit like dirt. :P hahaha. But really, it has a little bit of an earthy taste.

I havent made the cookies yet, its on my list of things to do. I think this transfer we will make them. :) And the coconut scones too. :) do they have a translation for scones? nobody knows yet, and I cant look it up on the web.
I got my card to work, so no worries there. Mistake on my part, but thank you so much for looking into it! :)

Well, I think my time is about up. :'( I keep moving up, learning, finding new things, and Im loving it! Im a bit worried about the extra responsability of doing interviews, but I know it will all go well in the end. I also have to give a training session to the Zone, on how to teach and use the techniques better.

One of my cards works with this computer, but the other one no. I will send the more recent pictures next week. Thank you all for all you do! Thanks for the prayers, they really help. Until next week, Até mais, tchau, boa tarde! :)

~Elder Wille

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