Monday, September 9, 2013

A Hurried Letter

Hey guys, this one is going to be a little short, sorry! I had to shrink pictures to send to Elder R Barbosa, and then the computer stopped reading my card. :( So once again, I have no pictures.
I made the cookies for Elder Tamanhos birthday, and he really liked them. :)
Sarah, you have dreadlocks??? Could you send me a picture? I didnt get to go to the Beyoncé show, I didnt even hear any noise from that area! Hows work at footnote? Do you like it there, and are there lots of people?
Okay, so I have ten minutes. :(
Elder Tamanho and I looked at the people who can be baptized this month, made a list, and my jaw about hit the floor. We cant do this on our own, and we asked the ward to help make visits and pray for them. Would you guys be willing to pray for these people? We have around 20 people that can be baptized in just September, just in our area. Our goal for the Zone is 44. Names of people that need a special boost [names redacted]. Thanks so much!
Alisha and Todd, how are you guys doing? Is school still in, or are you in férias? (break) The time goes by so fast right now, every week passes and things still havent been done, people still havent been visited, and we're just scrambling to keep up. Is it like that for you guys too? :)

Dad, that story about Caleb is pretty funny! But what did you do with all the food from the cancelled trip? And the tornado, what happened there? Was it just really windy, or did it do lots of damage? Its getting a little scary, things are getting worse and worse as the world nears the end. I cant even imagine what its going to be like a few days before the Lord comes again. I want it to be soon, but at the same time, I want to live life a little bit on earth.
That is super sad about your boss's son! There was a missionary here too that went home from mental problems, I think Elder Lysenko was his name.
My problems here (the toes) are getting a lot better, the retainer is helping everything to grow naturally. I go in again on the 19th.
I finally saw the Work of Salvation. Do you remember Elder Reynolds, whos family was preparing him for the mission? He was one of the Assistants here in Fortaleza!!! And the courtyard is from the MTC in São Paulo! :) Cool huh!!!?
Well, my time is up. :( I really wanted to tell you guys more, but mom just a quick last note. Im just fine, Im tired constantly, but I have a vigor that I never felt before. I just keep on doing the work, and everything else is taken care of by our older Brother. :)
Love you all! Sorry for the lack of news, letters, and stuff. I will be back in less than a year! :O

~Elder Wille

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