Monday, September 23, 2013

Palmares 23-9-2013

Hi Family!
Well, I have a lot of time this time!
This morning, I made biscuits and gravy from memory! It was pretty dang close to the ones I usually make. They dont have the sausage like at home, so I improvised with ground beef and a seasoning that tastes exactly like sausage. Its rosemary and parsley, and I dont know how that works, but it did! :) We just got done playing volleyball, and that was fun. I got my serves down pretty good. :) We have kinda let go watching movies for now, maybe the next transfer.
I have a little story to tell you guys. Elder Tamanho gets some migraines every once in a while that last for 3 days. He got one recently, and a few days after, he told this story as his message to the members who gave us lunch.
He woke up with a migraine (called a chequeca here. sheh-KAY-kuh) and couldnt study because of it. We had quite a bit of work that day, and he had informed me of his condition. In the companionship prayer before leaving, I prayed that it would stop so that we could work normally. I tried to put it out of my mind, still being conscious that his head was hurting, and we went to work. Turns out that his head stopped hurting that very same day. His message at lunch was on faith, or prayer, one of those. But it is very important that they come together. I had asked Father to help because it seemed like the thing to do. And it worked. I had no idea what happened until he told the story. Im so happy to have a Heavenly Father that looks out for us and wants us to have success, all of us! Not just missionaries. :)
Sarah, your dreads are pretty sweet!!! I thought at first that your hair actually was that long, you got me fooled! :) You are so pretty, they do look really good on you! And Elder Tamanho thinks they look awesome. :) changing the topic, hows work going for you? Do you go with Dad like I did, or do you take your own car?
Ive had a lot of people ask this, so Im forwarding their question: What college are you going to go to?
Im more than halfway through my mission, its going by so fast! In the pictures, you have grown up so much! Its hard to believe that my little sister is catching up to me! You gotta stop until I get back, okay? :D

Dad, that project sounds like the bomb! I hope that all goes smoothly for the release date!
32 pullups? Holy cow that is a lot! We had a pullup bar last transfer, but the missionary leaving took it with him. My max here is about 8... :S hahaha.
It took me a half a second to understand how I could go to Egypt with you. Ah, the trunky-ness. Its a little worse this week, cause everyone is having problems lately. The work is going pretty slow, we arent going to make the 20 baptism mark this month. :( 3 fell through this Sunday because they didnt go to church. We are now trying to find new people to teach, with the transfers next week.
Ah, a quick question. Have you had the time to pay my tithing on those last paychecks and increases that I got? Its something that I got a firmer understanding and desire of here in Fortaleza.
Im still learning to play the piano. I can play top hand pretty well on the easier hymns, despite the very few hours I get to practice. I wonder if I will be able to knock your socks off when I come back. :)

Mom, is there some way to get raspberry freezer jam over here without melting? D: I was telling the guys about strawberry jam today, and Elder Bramwell made fresh italian bread today. It would have been a perfect combo...
You want the recipe for the cinnamon rolls with mashed potatos? I will have to ask him for it, I dont remember. :( Its just a wierd kook where they put just about everything in, Elder Whatcott says they do that a lot in the south.
Mom, thanks for teaching me handy skills of how to cook, its really coming in handy. :) I made a title for myself: King of the Breakfast Quick Breads. But really,

Im starting to look around for some stuff to send out to you guys. Mom, Alisha and Sarah, the jewelry here is about the same as there. Nothing really stands out as particularly Brazilian, except for the few things that have the flag or soccer teams on them.
And thats it for my letter. I think I will still be here in the next transfer, and the feira is on Monday. I will look for stuff to send you guys. Until the next time! Any movies that you want me to look for? They're a dollar here.
Okay, Im going now, love you all! Bye!

~Elder Wille

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