Monday, September 2, 2013

Palmares 2-9-13

Dear Family,

So in the rush to get here, I left my card. again. D: So sorry Gromit!

Dad, that shirt that you gave Frank is hilarious! :) I got a kick out of that, and Skeelee with the jalapeño.
The rope actually broke, on rappel? Wow, that must have been a real gut dropping experience, and not one Id like to live. I think its a good idea to skip that one.
I finally got myself the messenger bag. I had to use the money to stay alive in Caucaia, and then I heard about a delivering problem from someone else who wanted one too, so I never got around to it. Then the boyfriend of a girl who lives in the ward happens to be the delivery boy, so I bought one. And the buckle broke two days after. :( I just need that part replaced and all will be as good as new. :)
Dad, I have a favor to ask of you. could you email me a picture of the Kokopellis on the boat, and maybe a few others? I have the tradition of drawing a Kokopelli on each planner, and I want a different one on each, if possible. The boat has quite a few that are simple.

We had not one, not two, but THREE baptisms this week! [name redacted], (10) his sister [name redacted]  (12) and [name redacted] (14) who is the brother of [name redacted]  (anyone see Portuguese grammar structure? Yeah, its bad) This week we are having the baptisms of [name redacted] and [name redacted]  (calm yourself Iago)
Remember that couple that had the goal of not just baptism, but going to the temple? [name redacted] and [name redacted]? Its that [name redacted], and then a year after, they can go to the temple! yay!!!!
[name redacted] is the nephew of [name redacted]  15 years old. Get this, she has a niece ([name redacted]'s sister) who also is named [name redacted]  :SSS We are hoping to baptize them both with another sibling named [name redacted]. [name redacted] hasnt gone to church yet, and FINALLY [name redacted] went to non-evangelicals-church for the first time, on Fast and Testimony meeting. (Side note, I play the piano for Sacrament meeting, which consists of playing the rhythm with any key and the piano plays itself.) I was a little concerned, because [name redacted] has had a bit of a problem accepting that God only has one true church, and testimony meeting is chock full of that. Between testimonies, I walked down and briefly explained what was happening and why, and she already understood, and said "Eu me sinto paz, eu nunca senti assim nas outras igrejas" or translated loosely "I feel peaceful, and Ive never felt this in any of the other churches"
Wow. I about did a backflip, but that would be a bit disruptive. Instead, I crept back up onto the stand (I just barely remembered what it was called. :P) and watched the meeting go on. When we open our hearts, we really feel what the Holy Ghost has to tell us, and it only happens if our hearts are open.
I very recently had an enjoyable time reading Our Search for Happiness. I highly recommend it for something beneficial to do. Its written by Elder Ballard of the 12 Apostles, and he explains our basic beliefs to non-members so that they understand what we LDS people are all about, and does it in just about the perfect way. Applying a few techniques and situations in there, we can help spread the gospel and not be overbearing and offend someone. Even though the material is basic belief, the book is still a really good one to read. It strengthened my testimony that God lives and has an active role in our life.
Dear Sarah, I have some news that will make you super jealous. :) Beyoncé is coming to Fortaleza on the 8th of this month! Shes doing the Mrs. Carter show in the Castelão stadium. :) I cant go to it, so dont feel too jealous. :) in the bus terminal, they always have an ad about it, and I think especially of you every time I see it! A bit more trivia, Paul McCartney played in the same stadium a few months ago, and the world cup will have a game or two in there this next year! :)
Did you get my letter that I sent to you? I hope it didnt get lost in the mail, I would be so sad if it did, cause you'll miss my awesome and skillfull drawings. ;)
How are things going for you? I hope you are well and enjoying life after High School! Stay safe, I love you so much! :D

Oh oh, também, youll never guess what I found at the supermarket today. Chia seeds!!! What a coincidence! And we do indeed have a blender!! :D
Kung Fu Panda 2 was really good! i cant decide which I like better, I have to see number 1 again to make a decision. Theres a lot more friendship in 2, and the bad guy is really awesome. Seria legal se vocês assistissem Kung Fu Panda 2. :) hint hint.
I made the coconut scones this morning. They were good and everyone liked them a lot, but personally they rank #4 in the ones Ive made so far, not counting the apple cinn ones. Raspberry is by far #1, then Gingerbread, and then peach. thank you so much for sending the mixes, they are perfect for breakfast and super tasty!

Ah bummer, I have to go. Have an excellent week, keep pressing forward with Faith in Every Footstep. (missionary hymn) I love you all! Talk at you next week!
~Elder Wille

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