Monday, December 16, 2013

Benfica 17-12-2013

Hi family!

Well well well, I got transferred again today. 3rd transfer in a row! And even more news, Im training again! I dont know who will be my new companion yet, he gets here tomorrow. And Im opening an area to boot! Sounds like just about all my other areas! :D hahaha.
I thought about it, and there is only one area that I didnt open. Oh yes, explanation: opening an area is when the missionaries in an area are transferred out, and new ones are put in. It really hurts the progress, because the new ones have to rely on the papers that the last companionship left behind (Area Book) but sometimes it is necessary.
Some exciting news. We hit a new record of arriving missionaries. Tomorrow there will be FOURTY TWO new missionaries arriving, and only six or seven leaving. The mission now has around 180 missionaries, and when we divided the missions, we had less than 100. Its so weird! First we had one companionship working in two wards at one time, now we have two companionships for almost every ward! We created two new zones.  (Planalto and Sumaré) Its growing like crazy! So, Elder Burnham was training 3 missionaries at once, and then he died (at his sons' hands) and all three of them are training! Just after being trained! Elder Bramwell is also training, and Elder Wadsworth is a Zone Leader.
Tomorrow I will have a grand total of three sons and two grandsons. Ive got a pretty big family coming up! :) (when you train, you have a 'son' and the tree goes from there) I think that there may even be enough time to have a 4th if the Lord sees fit. O.o If I remember right, Elder Nascimento had 3 or so sons.

Mom, I'sa getting the address from Márcio Barbosa right now. :) Ele não é Élder mais. D: He will send his address to you via email. :D I thought it would be faster that way. And as for the present, I had a $20 bill floating around from international travel, so only 20 made it to him, not 25. He preferred dollars to reais, cause the dollar has more power there.
Thanks for the recipe, it didnt make it into the box. Or the postage people took it out. :( I started making root beer today, for my temporary comanion, Elder Saturnino de São Paulo. We will see how it goes!

Dad, Im so glad that you were able to use the Ancestry Ski pass! I said a special prayer that your leg would let you go. Sounds like you had a good time! :) The Christmas tree looks awesome! The spacy look really adds to it, great job! Is that silver wrapped present on the left for me?? :D
We had a bit of ice cream to go in the sandwiches too. Its on the edge of the photo. :)
Lately Ive been thinking of the things we did together, like fishing at Scofield and early morning at Powell. We have to remember to do more of that when I get back. :)

Sarah, did you get my letter yet??? How was your birthday?? What fun things did you get to do? Did Hayden take  you out somewhere cool? Is the snow just awful now? It doesnt even occur to me sometimes that its cold and snowy there! Im so used to heat and sun that to think that right now theres snow at home is weird! What are your plans for school and work and life in general? Quite a few people want to know, so I thought Id ask! :) But even more so, I just want to hear from you, and how you're doing!

Alisha and Todd, I will write you a letter, cause Im a bit short on time here, sorry!

Im attaching a photo taken at the Christmas Conference. This is the entire mission. :D Im way at the back, almost in the center.
I want to say so much more, but Ive run out of time! So much is happening, but its all good. We didnt baptize in Guadalajara, but I saw more miracles happen there than in all my other areas combined, and that made up for no baptisms. Elder Bramwell is just powerful.
Well, I gotta go now. D': Skype at 7 for you guys, I might be just a hair late, installing skype and stuff, but I will do my very best. I love you all so much, and hope you have a wonderful Christmas Holiday! Tchau todo mundo! Amo vocês!

~Elder Wille

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