Monday, December 30, 2013

Benfica 30-12-2013 (last email of 2013!)

Hello Family!!!

My birthday box hasnt come yet. Maybe this week or something. We opened some presents on Monday during P-Day, and some more Christmas Eve, and then the rest on Christmas Day, at 6 in the morning. :) Sarah, I love that pen that you sent me! It is super awesome! My other DW pen is dying, and I keep losing my normal ones! :/ Loved it!
Mom and Dad, what is Hap-pay? Duck Dynasty sounds pretty great. And the hickory almonds that I ate today, I think I died from tastyness!
Alisha and Todd, how did you know that I needed a cookbook here?! Im going to have a lot of fun with that, thank you so much!

Im preparing a training session for this weeks District meeting (yep, sou District Leader) and its on the Doctrine of Christ/our Purpose. Its been kind of difficult to see exactly what I should teach, but Ive been inspired to teach the missionaries to guide their teachings so that the focus is the Temple and not just baptism. The baptismal interview questions should be the guideline, but the goal is the Temple.
Another interesting thing is that I learned that its not being immersed in the water that makes it so we can enter Heavenly Fathers Kingdom, but its what its a symbol for, the covenant.
I now know a bit more why Temple covenants are so important, and why the blessings are so great. And thats also the reason Ive decided against pirated movies. Something small that I can easily do to be more like Christ right now. President Souza did a common interview during the transfer meeting, just read the questions out loud for everyone to think about. After the 'Be honest in all dealings with fellow men' he said that includes pirated movies. It struck me a bit, so I decided no more.

So, we are teaching a family, [name redacted] (21 years old) and [name redacted]. (18 years old) [name redacted] is from Minas Gerais, a different state, and he came here for work. Somehow he met [name redacted], I think the internet.

They are great people, they absolutely love us. When they heard that we could only stay 45 minutes in a visit, they asked if we could pass more than one time per day. :) They finally accepted that we can pass by once every day. [name redacted] always asks when they can give us lunch, and last time we visited, they made us brigadeiro! :) We just have to get them married. We're shooting for the 18th of January, but I dont think its going to happen that fast, with the 4 week wait at the cartório.

Mom, I didnt quite understand what you meant about the letter that came on Saturday. Could you give it to her?

Ah man, my time is up. Love you guys! Have an excellent time, and with Alex (or Elder Richey) a happy birthday for me when he gets back!

~Elder Wille

P.S. O nome de meu companheiro é Elder 10E. :O hahaha. Elder Tenney.

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