Monday, December 9, 2013

Guadalajara B, 9-12-2013

Hello Family and Friends!

I finally got some pictures off, hope you all enjoy them! The pizza was half Portuguesa and half chicken and catupiry. I have absolutely no idea what you call it in english. Im actually not a huge fan of pannetone itself, so it was actually a chocotone, with condensed milk in it to add variety. It was tasty.
Then a few days after, when my package came (it just barely missed thanksgiving) Elder Bramwell and I went suicidal. We made ice cream sandwiches from cake with nutella. @_@ I took the first bite and already felt my arteries clogging. :D it was fabulous! and super healthy. :P hahaha

So this Sunday was kind of a bummer. We were expecting 8 people or so at church, and when we went to get them, all we found were closed doors. :( Not a single one showed up, not even Andrêza, our super eleita. Her husband got home from a dangerous night motocross event at6 in the morning. they were both too tired to go the next day.

Sarah, I got a letter written to you! Im sending it off today. :) And I want to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week!!! :D I cannot believe that you are 19 already! You are now old enough to serve a mission! :D hahaha. But seriously, I cant believe how much youve grown up! 

Dad, that sounds like a pain in the.... leg! :) a really nasty one too. I really miss snowboarding too, but I think youll be better than me when I get back. Im so out of practice. :S when we went with the ancestry ski pass, you had your horrible stiff board, yes? It must be super nice now, especially at brighton, but thats a HUGE bummer that you probably have to miss out on it this time. D:
 So far, I dont know if I get to use skype. Presidente Souza provavelmente vai nos dizer na conferência de natal. Oh sorry, at the Christmas conference he will probably say if we can. ;)
Its cold over there? sometimes I have to remind myself that cold still exists. :D its the hotter part of the year right now, at least I think. Fortaleza has basically four seasons: rain/pressure cooker, hot, hotter, and Nebuchadnezzers Oven. (haha, bible joke ;P) Usually at the end of the day, I have sweat dripping down my back and face. Does that remind you of somewhere? :)
A bit about school. I took english 1010 and portuguese at UVU, I think that was it. Im just hoping that I dont have to redo them at Snow.

Mom, my package came! :) but the post office nabbed elder Wadsworths package. D: that really bummed him out, and he got the notice after the window closed for picking it up.
Yep, we got suco de maracujá (passion fruit juice) it actually makes you sleepy, didyou know that?
I will try my best to get the money to Elder R Barbosa, theres not a good bank here close, just the 24 hour ones that steal about %10. But I will try my best. I can definitely get his address for the card, I hope thats not too much trouble to bounce that back.
Unfortunately, I still havent sent the package. well actually, I havent even put it together yet. D: we are always running around doing stuff. It will probably be very late, sorry! :(
Mom, I assume that the things are for making jam, but how do I got about making it? and what the heck is ultra gel? :D

well, my time is ending. alex richey gets back in about a month! that is so crazy! I will be back really soon too. Okay, gotta go, bye everyone! Until next time!

~Elder wille

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