Monday, December 2, 2013

Guadalajara B 2-12-2013

Hi family! Boy this week was busy! Are we really into December? I cannot believe how fast it is all going!

We had a zone conference this week, and I got a tie!
For those who dont know yet, President Souza gives a tie to every missionary who baptizes a couple, just to give incentive to baptize families. Elder Villalba got 3 (!!!) ties this time, and President Souza called him up with each one, one right after the other. It was incredible.
And I got some very trunky news. After the conference, I wanted to show a picture to President Souza, and he asked me if I already knew what day I was going home. When I said no, he looked at something on his smartphone and said I will be home on July 16th, leaving on the 15th. o.O I believe he said that he already told you guys, but its so weird knowing what day Im going home! And just after many of the anivers├írios, of birthday and wedding.
Elder R Barbosa is leaving I think next week on Thursday or something. Its so weird, and sad for me. On the mission, he had a huge influence on me. A lot of what I learned was from him, so hes a super good friend. I really hope I see him again after the mission.

So, Thanksgiving we ate pannetone and passionfruit juice and pizza! i took some photos for you guys to see. Im copying pictures to my new flash drive, so It will have to wait, sorry! We wanted to go all out and get ice cream and soda, but everywhere was closed at 21h20 (9:20pm) so we just went home and ate the prebought food. It was still really good. :) My package has not arrived yet. How many are coming? 4? :O

Dad, thank you so much for keeping up on my college stuff! It really means a lot to me.
A job would be really nice, so I think I will go with that option. Its good to stay busy after the mission. And I would very much like to be in the same apartment complex. :) Snow Lodge was awesome.
Talking to the counselor sounds like an excellent option. I think I have to change my major from generals back to engineering, and see if my UVU credits will pass to Snow. I hope they do, cause english 1010 is pretty standard.
Congrats on your shelves Dad! They look really awesome

Mom, I got some cooking lessons yesterday. I learned how to make Frango ao Molho (Souped chicken?) and rice with carrot shreds. :) Its super tasty, and even easier to make! I have to note all the cool foods that Im learning.
We do get an ocean breeze, but since we only have openings on one side of the house, the wind cant pass through the house. Its stifling. So, our hammocks here are a bit different from dads. theyre like a piece of fabric, no spaces. I think its a bit hotter, but I still like it.

Oh bother, my time is up. :( Love you all, hope you had a great thanksgiving! Alisha, get better soon, okay:? Love you Sarah! Hugs and beijos para todo mundo!

~Elder Wille

Note for the Maurer family: So sorry for the delay to write! But I learned how to make coxinhas this past week, and I can make them at home! :D

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