Monday, February 3, 2014

Benfica 3-2-2014

Hi family!
Wow, another transfer already! Im still in Benfica, but they stole Elder Tenney from me! I dont have my fixed companion yet, cause Im training again. Elder Tenney is also training, and Elder Phillips too! My mission family just grew to 4 sons and 4 grandsons!
This time, I will only be training the language, like I did with Elder Tenney. Hes almost definitely American, with two transfers in the states. Aside from this, same old story of I Dont Know's.
We do indeed have cell phones! Some missions even have iPads! :S We are not that cool, so we get one cell phone per house. Its a nokia of some kind, basically its just to call our leaders to report our work, and if we get sick. We arent allowed to play the games on it, and it has to stay in the house. So yeah, we have phones. :)

Btw, [name redacted] got baptized! Vanize, we found some problems with the family that are giving her doubts, so we will wait some more.

Mom or Dad, could you add or accept some friends on facebook? Pablo flp, Nilson, and Paula. Nilson and Paula should be friends of Pablo, if theres more than one.
One more question, could you send me a list of people that have requested me that look Brazilian? Some people are super anxious for me to accept their Friend Request, but some I dont know who they are.
Dad, my school schedule looks pretty good as far as I can tell. I did take AP World History, but I didnt take the AP test, so I dont think it counted. Do you know if they will transfer my Eng. credits from UVU to Snow?
I would like to consult with you guys about the engineering thing, but also my main goal is to end up at BYU. (yep, I decided) My limited knowledge and plan is to get my associates and then transfer, but I know BYU has a special program with Snow.
As for classes, (President Souza will let me do some online enrollment stuff here if I need to) Id like to go moderate, and work on the side. I prefer studying in the morning and early afternoon. Also, Id like to take institute. :D If theres a way to have one free day in the week, I think that would be awesome. Thanks so much Dad!
One more little story. Pablo was having an anxiety attack, his eyes were pretty red, and he asked for a blessing of comfort. I gave it to him, and he immediately calmed down, his eyes cleared up quite a bit in the first minute, and after five minutes his eyes were completely back to normal. Im so thankful for the Priesthood. There is no doubt in my mind that it works.
Ah man, my time is up. Hope you all are well! Stay strong, stay faithful! There is happiness in exact obedience, that happiness comes from confidence of knowing that God is happy with you. Until my next adventure!
~Elder Wille

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