Monday, February 24, 2014

Triumfant Benfica 24-2-2014

Hello Family and Friends, bloggers and strangers!

Well, this week was a pretty eventful one. I dont want it to sound like complaining, but it was a fair fight to the end.
I didnt get to attend the wedding of [name redacted] and [name redacted] because of a Zone conference. That really didnt help, cause they really needed our support.
Changing topics, after a year and six months, I got lost in Fortaleza. Moreover, I actually ended up outside the mission limits. :S The story goes like this.
At district meeting, one day before that Zone conference, I asked how to get to the stake center, and was told to take this one bus and to get off at a certain point. I didnt understand exactly where to get off, and figured from past experiences that someone would know where A igreja dos Mórmons is. Well, they didnt. The driver, passengers, even the cobrador (the guy who accepts the bus fare and gives you your change) had no idea, and it didnt help that I accidentally switched the name of the stake from Aguanambi to Iguatemi. I was told to go to Papicu (a bus terminal near the temple site) and take a bus to Iguatemi and the bus passes right in front. Okay great, thinking it was that one, we went. A bit behind schedule, we got off the bus at the stake center to find it locked and utterly desolate. Oh goody!
I didnt even know what stake we were at, we left our cell phone/number list at home (only the Zone Leaders can carry on the street) and I recorded the wrong Zone leader number in my planner. I borrowed a phone (the mission carrier is Claro, which everyone hates and almost nobody has) to call a number that I remembered from another zone. He informed me that I was outside the mission limits, and told me what bairro it was actually in, Bairro de Fátima. The signal mark is a giant statue of Mary that I had seen every time on my bazillion visits to the foot doctor. I just hadnt asked what bairro we had to go to, and it would have solved a lot of problems. We got there at 10h30 instead of 8h30 like we should have. :)

On Friday, the day of the interview, we walked a half hour to the church with [name redacted] and [name redacted], got there, no Zone leaders. I called (interview days are the exception to bringing the phone) and they were at the hospital. Oh great. We marked for the next day right before the baptism and right as [name redacted] gets back from a short trip. We get there on time, and again, no sign of the zone leaders. They arrive late, and are on splits, so they can only do one interview at a time. :S BUT in the end, they got baptized and confirmed!

Mom, I did get my package! :) It was very delicious, but they switched the Lime skittle out for green apple! D: thanks so much for the treats! American stuff is awesome. :) and is that grocery store list some options for the last package? If so, I could I get the Raspberry, gingerbread (and very berry ;D) scone mixes, pumpkin pancakes, maple syrup, and coconut macaroon cookies?
I hope you get better soon! You should do like the Cearense people do, always pray for health. Their top things to pray for are peace and health.
Pablo absolutely LOVES talking to you guys, he says that you guys are angels!

Dad, your mission is very similar to mine. Almost nobody plays the piano, just us Americans. :) I played it for Sacrament meeting in Bom Jardim after Elder Savaryn left, but it was an automatic hymn playing electric keyboard. To make it more interesting, it has a mode where you play the rhythm of the song (including the notes from left hand that dont appear in the melody) by pressing any key, and it plays the song. Its pretty slick.
I sang part solo and part duet with Pablo in the baptismal service. I actually did better live than in practice. :) Pablo also has a keyboard at his house, a more standard one. He writes music, plays guitar, sings, etc. Its always fun to have him around, I really enjoy his company.
It was only 33 that day? Really? It was one of the hottest days that Ive been here, or felt like it at least.
I asked Pablo if he reads my blog, and he didnt even know I had one! I guess he does now. :) and speaking of social media, could you accept the three facebook requests? Alessandra, Vitor and Marília? Thanks!
Im sending Joana D'arcs letter this Wednesday through the office. It should be there next Monday to Wednesday.
Its been a long week, I got really worried with the baptism and wedding. Its hard work, but the blessings of eternity are not easily won. Its honoring and yet interesting to me what Pablo, Bishop Soderberg and people in general say. I just try to do my best to do what I know is right. I feel like myself, not anything special. I dont understand it.

Well, I have to go. Thanks for listening to my blabber about adventures. I think theyll make a movie called Lost in Fortaleza. :) Farewell to all you lovely people, thank you for your support, and Im terribly sorry if I havent responded to your letters! Have a fabulous week, dont miss me too much!

~Elder Wille

P.S. One more favor. Can you save some of those drinks for me? :P ahahaha. hehehe. ahem, tchau!

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