Monday, February 10, 2014

Benfica 6-2-2014

Hiya family! Hows everyone doing up there?
Down here its all the same, still hot and sunny, but we get some rain every now and again. Ceará is passing in a bit of drought, especially in the interior. Itapipoca has a big lack of water.

My new companion arrived! His name is Elder Benitez from Chesterfield, Virginia. You wouldnt guess that he's american, cause his family has people from spain and Porto Rico. (Puerto Rico? I dont even know how to spell anymore...) He is 18, doesnt have a girlfriend, served in South Dakota for 2 transfers, which is the training period. Im just training his language skills, like I did for Elder Tenney.
His parents are divorced, has 2 older sisters and 1 younger brother. He has had social media contact with Taylor Swift, via twitter. (her authorized account)

Okay, not much has happened this week. We started all the paperwork for [names redacted]'s wedding, which will happen on the 20th of Fevereiro, and then they will be baptized! We still have to help [name redacted] a little bit, he just doesnt quite get it yet.
We need to find more people to teach, and we found one guy called [name redacted] who loves American History, (his dream job is a semi driver in the US) so we gave him 1 Nephi 13 about the collinization (I know thats horribly wrong) of America and he fell in love. He is probably one of the .001 percent of non-members Brazilians who believe the Bible is not completely perfect. Pretty much everyone believes it is, so it was super refreshing to not have to explain that before the Book of Mormon. He went to church yesterday, thought it was pretty cool. He just focuses on the secular things instead of the spiritual things. Im hoping the Atonement will help shift his focus.

Dad, thanks for adding those people on Facebook! Pablo's name is Pablo Henrique something or other. He was Elder Henrique in Riberão Preto, São Paulo.
Back to Facebook, could you accept the following people?
Isabele Cristina, Rosana Alves da Silva, Denis Till, Joana Bezerra dos Santos, Rogerio Lima da Silva, Edilene Rodrigues, Geniane Gomes, e Luciana Bruno Maia?
On my visa, I have to look on my protocol. Its good for about a year, and I got it before Christmas. Im pretty sure that it will expire before, I will need to look to be sure. Do we have to go to the Federal Police when we come here? Or is that just for longer stays?
I did get the pictures, sorry for not commenting about them! The wakeboard almost trunked me out of my mind, and the others I found quite amusing. I got a chuckle out of Leanard and Penny. :) I think Todd should be a runway model. :P hahaha. but whats with the cheese?

Mom, I will definitely let you know when the package gets here. Thanks for sending me one! Im creating a plan to finally send one off to you guys.
I look tan? Really? To me, I still look white, but maybe its cause I see myself every day. You should see my farmers tan, its ridiculously great!
Pablo is a really great guy, hes wanting to come over to BYU, so its very likely that you could meet him in person! And if he stays there for a few years, we might see each other there! Hes one of the more dedicated members of the ward, he really knows what is important. I have a lot of respect for him, cause he's had some really big challenges in his life.

Well, life keeps going on. There wasnt a whole lot of news this week, sorry! Im district leader of 4 sisters, so I dont do any exchanges. They are Sister Troseth, Sister da Silva, Sister Zeller, and Sister Sowa, from Tenessee, Brasília, Oregon, and Virginia respectively.
Sorry this wasnt so newsy! I think I will have some more this next week, and maybe some pictures. God lives, he loves us and wants us to be happy and perfect. Until next time, tchau!

~Elder Wille

P.S. The computer isnt reading my card. I took a picture of some BIG cashew nuts, but I cant send them yet. :(
And thanks for sending my line of authority! :)

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