Monday, April 1, 2013

P-day already?

Well well well! Its p-day again! And this keyboard really doesnt like to cooperate. How are you all doing?
Not much happened this week, I was feeling quite dead most of the time, and due to Easter, a lot of people werent home. So we just kinda wandered around while our appointments fell through.
Quarta-feira (Wednesday) on our way to the District meeting, Elder couto made the comment that it felt like a pressure cooker. (Panela de pressão) It had just rained, and it was super stuffy and humid. I think it was an adaquate description. :)
A guy in the ward asked me to look at the prices of a Portuguese quad of scriptures, and the clear stickers with pictures of major stories. The stickers go right in the middle of the page. would you be willing to look for me? thanks!
Mom, quick note that Im doing fine, Im healthy, and everything is great, except that Im turning into a recipe maniac. do you still have that one for cornbread? ;D and does it have to cook in stonewear?
Dad, I got a big kick out of your interview story. Im sorry it was so weird. I hope it all goes well, even moreso because interviewers are supposed to be "blind" to gender, religion, race, etc.
News from Ômega and Boatan. We got an investigator to church! His name is Manuel, and he had a (turbulant) dream after praying about the Book of Mormon. (either that, or it was the beans everyday... hehehe...) Hes going to tell us about it the next time we visit him. I think it had a good outcome, because he came to church!
We had a ward council, in which we discussed some problems in Ala Ômega, or Ward Ômega. Elder Couto and I presented almost the same idea as to what is causing the problem (Home teachers and visiting teachers visits. Theyre at 6% and 7% respectively. (!!!!!) ) Elder couto and I proposed an almost exact same cause, without discussing first! I offered a lack of understanding the doctrine and purpose of visits, and he said lack of testimony on the importance of visits.
Well, thats my two bits, nothing really happened this week. We went to dinner at a place here, and we are buying Ovos de Páscoa. :) I will write the total when I know. Thanks so much, love you all!

~Elder Wille

P.S. did you get the pictures i sent?

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